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Pathway Program between Humber College & CBS International Business School


Take your entrepreneurship horizon on an international level!

CBS prepares students for career opportunities in business. Our fully English-taught programs combine the current state of research with strong practical relevance. These are complemented with application-related knowledge, business games, soft skills courses, and business projects, which usually take place in cooperation with well-known companies.

Structure of the Pathway Program

Receive two graduate degrees in two years:

Transfer into the second year of the M.A. in International Business with Entrepreneurship at CBS after you have successfully completed your Graduate Certificate at Humber. The program at CBS combines case studies and projects with seminars on sustainability and non-profit start-ups. This type of business start-up has the goal of solving societal problems and perhaps making the world just a little bit better. But the economic aspects must also not be neglected.
After having successfully completed all coursework as well as the thesis, students will receive a Master of Arts in International Business with a specialization from CBS.

Study Course Plan

Some information about the study plan of the humber program:

General business teaching units

Value Based Management3 ECTS ? !
  • Financial measurement of corporate strategies: the principles

  • Traditional value-based systems and their link with financial models

  • Cash flow return on investments (CFROI)

  • Customer life-time value

  • Corporate financial & compensation design

Sustainable Supply Chain Management3 ECTS ? !
  • Defining a sustainable supply chain

  • Discussion of various theoretical concepts and their implications for sustainable supply chain management

  • Green marketing

  • Green logistics

Programme specific teaching units

Social Entrepreneurship In an International Context3 ECTS ? !
  • Social entrepreneurship

  • International case studies

  • Non-profit start-ups

  • Sustainability and entrepreneurship

  • Intercultural exchange

Business Simulation Game3 ECTS ? !

In a business simulation game participants have to manage their own virtual company which operates in the same market as other participant-operated competitors. This involves making typical management decisions in realistic environments. Beside the deepening and active examination of subject-specific knowledge the simulation games also include the team environment, where interaction, communication and prioritization are of paramount importance. Participants learn how to manage risk and uncertainty while time is limited and information constrained. Group-reflections help to take over different perspectives and to discuss pros and cons of content- as well as behavior-related actions.

Master Thesis Tutorial2 ECTS ? !

During the Master Thesis Tutorial you will learn the fundamentals for your Master thesis: Defining the topic as well as structuring the thesis and you will learn the theoretical knowledge for scientific working.

Elective area

Business Elective3 ECTS ? !

By choosing Business Electives in the second and third semester you can personalize your degree course and extend your management knowledge. The following are examples of the types of courses on offer:

  • Corporate Strategy and Renewal

  • Digital Network Economy

  • Digital Leadership

  • Portfolio Theory

  • Power Pricing

  • Finance & Growth

  • Advanced Portfolio Management

  • Branding

  • International HRM

  • Start-up Management & Business Modeling

  • Trader in Capital Markets

Interdisciplinary Elective3 ECTS ? !

By choosing Interdisciplinary Electives in the second and third semester you can personalize your degree course and extend your management knowledge. The Interdisciplinary Electives usually include subjects like:

  • Chat Bot Design

  • International Competitiveness

  • Omni-Channel Commerce

  • International Trade and Emerging Markets

  • Bitcoin and the Market of Cryptocurrencies

  • Business Process Modeling

  • Design Thinking & Adobe Creative Cloud

  • SAP S/4 Hana in Controlling and Finance

  • App Development in JavaScript

  • East Asian Culture and Business

  • Cultures of Consumption

  • SPSS

Interdisciplinary competencies

Skills Elective2 ECTS ? !

In the Soft Skills Courses you will improve your social, leadership and project management skills. Additionally to the courses in the first and second semester you can choose another one in the third semester. Decide for yourself which of your personal competences you want to push forward.

Business Plan Writing and Pitching2 ECTS ? !
  • Discovering and evaluating entrepreneurial opportunities

  • Developing business ideas from opportunities (e.g. based on using Design Thinking, Personas and User Stories).

  • Feasibility analysis of business ideas

  • Transferring the idea into a Business Model

  • Business Model and its building blocks (value proposition, customers segments, channels, customer relationships, revenue model, keypartners, key activities, key resources, cost structure)

  • Business Plan: Introduction, Sample Case and General Outline

  • Developing the details of the business plan

German as a Foreign Language2 ECTS ? !

General business teaching units

International Economics3 ECTS ? !
  • Globalization and income

  • Globalization and international trade

  • Trade and comparative advantage

  • Trade barriers and trade policy

  • Firm location, distance and transport costs

  • Currency crises and exchange rate policy

  • Financial crises, firms and the open economy

Applied Management Accounting3 ECTS ? !
  • Managerial accounting and global business environment

  • Cost term, terms and classifications

  • Systems design: Job-order costing

  • Systems design: Process costing

  • Cost-volume-profit relationships

  • Sustainability and ethics in accounting decision making

Programme specific teaching units

Business Project6 ECTS ? !

The overall objective of this course is to provide students with possibility of applying their business knowledge on concrete business situation, related to the field of their specialization.

By the end of the module students should be able to:

  • Define project goals for the “client”.

  • Work under the set timeframe and agreed project scope.

  • Cooperate in the international project teams.

  • Evaluate markets/ industries/ competitive landscapes.

  • Develop possible strategic directions for the “client” business.

  • Formulate recommendations.

Master Thesis24 ECTS ? !

During your 4th semester you are working on your Master thesis. You have 19 weeks to complete your thesis and the subject is freely selectable. A supervisor from CBS will support you and you can write the thesis in collaboration with a company as well. Or you can write your thesis in connection with a stay abroad.

Alumni Testimonials_Oliver Kiderle

"The focus on internationality and practical skills have had a very positive influence on my development at Google. Especially the structured and very versatile project work, which is often found at a private school, was extremely helpful."

Oliver Kiderle

EMEA Regional Product Expert
Google Inc.
Alumni Testimonials_Patrick Stein

"The strongly practice-oriented studies and the international orientation of the CBS, as well as the lectures held in English, were an absolutely necessary basis for starting a career with a renowned, international company."

Patrick Stein

Head of Human Resources
Boston Consulting Group
Alumni Testimonials_Katrin Rieger

"The practical learning in small groups prepared me optimally for today's project and team work. The CBS provided me with the decisive soft skills and current knowledge from the world of business."

Katrin Rieger

Bereichsdirektorin Reisevertrieb Deutschland / Vice President Sales
HanseMerkur Krankenversicherung
Alumni Testimonials_Kalle Kenkel

"My studies at CBS prepared me for a career in today's dynamic, global work environment. As one's origin and physical location become less and less decisive, it has become increasingly important to have a multinational network and adapt quickly to various cultures and environments."

Kalle Kenkel

Commercial Excellence Manager
GE Healthcare

"Above all, practice-oriented learning and soft skills made it easier for me to enter the professional world and I still benefit from this today. Internationality, learning in small groups and soft skills were then and still are my main reasons for choosing the CBS."

Henriette Hellwig-Stieger

Senior Consultant
Compass GmbH
Alumni Testimonials_Philip Kollmann

"Especially the soft skill courses have been of great help for my performance in job interviews. Through my work in the Finance and Business Club I have built up a broad network and acquired project management skills that have enabled me to score points with companies."

Philip Kollmann

Wayne´s Coffee Deutschland
Alumni Testimonials_Julia Hack

"My studies at the CBS have given me a very good basis, which helps in many ways with a start-up - be it with financial planning or marketing strategy."

Julia Hack

Green for me
Alumni Testimonials_Florian Schuhmacher

“In addition to an excellent academic education CBS provides its students with all the necessary tools and instruments they need to allow them to take responsibility and shape their future in an international environment.”

Florian Schumacher

Programme Director and Senior Consultant
Alumni Testimonials_Christoph Rosenbaum

"The Management Studies programme prepares you thoroughly for the tasks of a consultant. In particular, the development of presentation techniques as well as analytical thinking is of enormous importance in the everyday life of a consultant."

Christopher Rosenbaum

Ernst & Young GmbH Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft

"The CBS taught me the essential professional basics for this with realistic and up-to-date lectures."

Christian Böhmer

Strategic Analysis Manager
Oman Oil Company S.A.O.C
Alumni Testimonials_Britta Jansen

"The CBS is an internationally oriented and very practically orientated university which prepared me very well for the professional world through the compulsory internship, the courses offered and the required project/group work."

Britta Jansen

HR Business Partner
HRS Group
Alumni Testimonials_Neil Jordaan

"Many professors shared their professional business experience with us in class and were able to illustrate dry theory with practical examples. I also enjoyed the international atmosphere on campus."

Neil Jordaan

Global Content Manager
Bayer AG

Semester Dates

Start of Program in the Fall Semester ? !

Application deadline: 15 May

Semester 1

Introduction Week: End of August

Start of lectures: End of August

End of lectures: End of November

Exam period: Beg. of December - Mid December


Semester 2

Start of lectures: End of January

End of lectures: Mid May

Exam Period: Mid May - End of May

Master Thesis Submission: End of April

Thesis Colloquium: Mid June - End of June

Graduation Ceremony: End of August
bachelor-betriebswirtschaft-und-management_Immobilienmannagement_studentin lacht

Cologne – Living and learning in the Rhine Metropolis

Cologne – Student city and multicultural metropolis in the Heart of Europe

A pro-CBS International Business School decision is always a decision for the city of Cologne. As one of Germany’s largest and best-loved university cities, Cologne has plenty to offer and attracts students from Germany and all over the world. The city, the people, the culture, and the economy – Cologne is a pure experience. Cologne boasts more than 1 million inhabitants, of which 95,000 alone are students. The pub and party scene in Cologne is as colourful and diverse as the city itself.

Study in the heart of Europe and take weekend trips to Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels or Berlin – all of which are only a stone´s throw away!

Art, culture, and carnival

Cologne is a tolerant and liberal city where you feel at home very quickly. The inhabitants of Cologne are open, direct, talkative, cheerful, and always in a celebratory mood – the embodiment of the cheerful Rhenish nature.

Whether the Lanxess Arena, the Cologne Opera, or Philharmonic – international stars perform on several stages in Cologne. Not only the home football club, 1. FC Köln plays in the RheinEnergieStadion, but also renowned world stars repeatedly perform there.

The Cologne Cathedral, Cologne’s showpiece, and landmark, alone draws in excess of 6 million visitors from all over the world to the cathedral city each year.

Experience Carnival in Cologne like nowhere else in the world. The city is in an exceptional state during the wild days. The fifth season, the carnival session, starts on November 11 at 11.11 am for the inhabitants of Cologne and runs through February.

Vibrant economy

In professional life later, the proximity of the CBS to the economy pays off. Cologne is a location with a long-standing commercial and trade fair tradition. Numerous commercial enterprises and industrial firms, for example from the metal, automobile, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, printing, or textiles industries just as the music and media sector are searching for enthusiastic and highly motivated junior employees who wish to shape their future success. Well-known TV programmes such as WDR, RTL, and VOX are located in Cologne. However, a large number of computer, Internet, and telecommunications companies also make Cologne a dynamic IT location.

Admission requirements and application

Students from Humber will be admitted into the second year of the Master of Arts in International Business - Entrepreneurship. Minimum requirements for admission are:

  • Completion of an undergraduate degree in Business or a Business-related study program (minimum equivalent to 60 ECTS credits of Business topics)

  • Humber Graduate Certificate in Entrepreneurial Enterprise, Business Management

  • Recommended prior knowledge: Micro-/Macroeconomics, Operations Management, Digital Business Management topics

In order to apply, students need to:

  • Submit an online application here

  • Submit official transcripts in English: (1) undergraduate degree and, (2) Humber Entrepreneurial Enterprise, Business Management graduate certificate

  • Provide proof of English language proficiency, if English is not the mother tongue (minimum level TOEFL 83 lbT or equivalent)

  • Submit CV (tabular form, 1-page max)

  • Supply a passport-sized photo

What are you waiting for?

Do you have any questions?

The team at the CBS International Office is happy to assist you with all questions about studying at CBS and planning your stay in Germany.