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Working in Potsdam

Working in Potsdam: Students jobs


Working in Potsdam: Students jobs

Potsdam is booming. The proximity to Berlin, the good quality of life and the strong university and research environment ensure that there are many interesting (and well-paid) jobs in Potsdam – in more than 13,000 companies with around 110,000 employees. And the best part: Potsdam is an old royal seat, film city and research city. This is why there is hardly any manufacturing industry, but rather many companies that need highly trained academics. So, Potsdam offers perfect conditions to earn extra money while studying or to establish contacts to attractive companies as a working student.

Working in Potsdam while studying – is that possible?

Studying at a top business school like ours is demanding and challenging. However, the study programme is well structured. This makes time management plannable and this helps to find time for a job. So, anyone who wants to can take a part-time job. We have two recommendations for choosing a part-time job alongside your studies: Either you look for a job that you particularly enjoy (e.g. in the tourism industry) and where you have to deal with many interesting people. Or you can choose an exciting challenge that matches the content of your studies (this can also be extremely fun). For the latter, Potsdam is an excellent choice as a place to study, as there are an above-average number of innovative companies and research institutions here.

Working in conventional temporary jobs

Potsdam is a city with a lot of tourism. Visitors come from Berlin either as overnight guests or as day trippers, so there is a wide range of conventional temporary jobs. Here there is a clear peak from spring to autumn, and with an extra peak at the weekends.

Extras are occasionally sought for film and series productions in the film studios in Babelsberg (120 companies are located there).

Student Jobs & internships

About 10,000 people work at the universities and the more than 40 research institutes in Potsdam. That is an enormous amount for a comparatively compact city like Potsdam. Working in Potsdam therefore means for many people working directly in research – or in research-related companies. The range of opportunities for, for example, final theses in research is correspondingly large! Other important industries are IT with 800 companies (SAP has an innovation centre in Potsdam, the toll company Toll Collect is located in Potsdam, eBay and PayPal are in the neighbouring town of Kleinmachnow), banks (including the Innovation Bank of the State of Brandenburg or DKB), life sciences (500 companies with 30,000 employees) or materials science. Many companies offer internships and jobs as working students. The range of jobs is very wide. In addition to simple activities, highly specialised positions are also offered for e.g. data analysts. Working in Potsdam is therefore very diverse, because the range of jobs for students is enormous. This is ideal for earning money or gaining relevant work experience while studying (or afterwards).

And if it isn't possible to find something in Potsdam: There is still the neighbouring city of Berlin with its huge spectrum of companies, from start-ups to global corporations.

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Our Career Service & Corporate Relations

We have our own department that acts as an interface between companies from the region and our students. Companies are specifically looking for top talents for part-time jobs and for graduates. In addition, our students can get advice on part-time jobs and starting their careers.

The CBS Career Service has its own online job portal with lots of job offers in Potsdam in the area of part-time jobs, internships, and career entry. In addition, they also offer assistance to get in touch with companies.

Get to know companies at Business Projects

Learn the current state of academic research and apply it in practice: This is our reality. For example, in our Business Projects students work on real projects. These projects are jointly developed and prepared by our professors or lecturers with companies from Potsdam or Berlin. This is a great opportunity to work on challenging tasks and present them to top decision-makers. More can come out of such contacts, from a part-time job to the start of a career.