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Discovering a world full of opportunities: Internationalisation as the core of CBS education


Internationalisation is a focus at CBS!

Internationally oriented and English-taught study programmes, study abroad semesters or internships abroad as well as students from 78 different nationalities and cultures make our campus diverse and colorful. We foster our internationality through exchanges with over 160 partner universities worldwide, but also through a variety of intercultural and international activities on campus.

A study abroad semester at one of our partner institutions is a fixed part in the study plans of the English-taught and dual undergraduate studies. In addition, many programmes organize international projects or elective courses in collaboration with international partners.

International students can join an exciting programme of Welcome Nights, country or regionally focused nights, excursions into the region, or weekend trips to attractive cities in Germany. The CBS Study Buddies help you settle down in Germany and integrate into the CBS student community.

Study together with 75 nations

Studying at CBS International Business School prepares you for an international career – not only in the lectures, but all over the campus as well. This is because our students come from 75 different nations (as of 2020), so English is pretty much our campus language – everyone speaks English, and in global companies or abroad, English is generally the standard language. This will help you later on to enter into your career with ease. Why is CBS so appealing to young people from so many different cultures? Because many of the study programmes are held in the English language, anyone can study perfectly well with us even if German is not their mother tongue. In addition, we pay attention to the international orientation of our teaching staff, so that the chances of working in your desired country are encouraging. No matter what country that may be. This is how we define a truly international study.

Learn to deal with different cultures

Living in harmony with others from different cultures can usually be accomplished in private life by using a little intuition. Signs change, however, in the business world: the smallest mistakes might be enough to demotivate employees forever, undermine your authority and compromise results with negotiation partners. Or even worse, by being too cautious, you might be inadvertently accepting a bad negotiation outcome. That’s why CBS also offers courses for improving soft skills – such as needed for intercultural competence. And of course, through your everyday experiences with fellow students and lecturers from around the world, you will get to know the customs and traditions of different business areas and mentalities. As you can see, the internationality of the university is in itself an important piece of the puzzle when it comes to your future skills profile.

Experiences to be made and heard

By being around fellow students from all over the world, you will get to know many cultures first hand. What’s more, many study programmes incorporate a semester abroad, where your own experience will be enriched as you get to know a different life and study culture before reporting back on these to your fellow students. In the same way, you benefit from this exchange of information amongst one another when talking about foreign experiences during your studies or as part of an internship. This is how you get deep insight into the life and economic realities around the globe while gaining an overview of similarities and differences – ideal conditions for a career in an international environment, don’t you think?


Semester Abroad

A semester abroad is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to live in a new culture, gain new perspectives and meet people from across the world. At CBS, students are also always encouraged to spend a semester abroad.


Internship Abroad

You want to gain practical experience and improve your language and communication skills at the same time? Then an internship abroad is just the right thing for you! Take the chance to gain practical experience during your studies at CBS and think outside the box.

Working as a student in Germany

A part-time job during your studies is not only good for your finances. The job requires many facets of you as a colleague, employee, supervisor, newcomer, or expert. You get to know yourself in different roles and perhaps in difficult situations. You also meet people outside your university circle and circle of friends. Of course, a part-time job will also pep up your CV: Working while studying in Germany proves that you can manage your time well, and work hard. Here you can find answers to the 9 most important questions about working as an international student in Germany



The Erasmus+ Programme is the largest and most important mobility programme worldwide. The European Union provides scholarships for study abroad semesters or internships within the EU, but they also support faculty and staff exchanges between partner universities across Europe.

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International Office

The CBS International Office: We are here for you! We connect the world!

Our Team at the International Office is glad to support your plans to study abroad and give personal advice and guidance. At the same time, we assist you as an international student, who prepares for your studies in Germany, and during the time that you study at one of our locations in Cologne, Mainz or Potsdam.


Partner Universities

Globally connected – the CBS has close relations with over 120 partner universities worldwide! Student and faculty exchanges are an important part of the cooperations. But CBS is also very active in developing Double Degrees as well different short-term or customized programmes, such as pathways or 3+1 programmes.


International Students

Around 20% of the CBS student body are international students from across the world. Even before you jump on a plane or train to Germany, we will support you with the preparation of your studies at CBS and help with the organization with tasks around visa applications, accommodation, health insurance etc. By the way – do you have a CBS study buddy yet?


Study Abroad & Exchange Students

International exchange students have the unique opportunity to complete their semester abroad in the lively metropolis of Cologne or Mainz. If you come to CBS as a study abroad or an exchange student, you can choose from a wide range of courses offered in the second and third academic year of our English-instruction Bachelor programs, or join one of our Master programs. How to apply for an exchange semester? How to prepare yourself for a semester abroad as an exchange student? Here you can find all the important answers.

Bachelor Double Degree – Fontys Hogeschool Eindhoven

Maximum Input – Make the most of your studies and take up a Bachelor Programme that grants two degrees. The B.A. programme in International Business with Management Consulting gives you the chance to spend your final year of studies at the Fontys School of Management Economics and Law in Eindhoven and gain an additional Dutch BBA Bachelor of Business Administration. This way you will receive two degrees within 3 years! Learn more!

Master Double Degree – Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts

Get ready for a new challenge and enhance your MA in International Business at CBS with an additional Master of Science from Switzerland! The study programme M.A. in International Business – Marketing Management allows you to study at the largest Swiss university of Applied Sciences for a full year. After a successful study abroad, the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts rewards you with an additional MSc Master of Science in Business Administration, Major Online Business and Marketing. Learn more!

3+1 Programmes at CBS for International Students

Make the most of your study abroad and gain a second international Bachelor´s Degree within only 2 semesters. Complete your final year of studies in Germany and get the chance to complete a BA in International Business in addition to the degree of your home institution. Learn more!

Do you have any questions?

The team at the CBS International Office is happy to assist you with all questions around studying abroad at CBS and planning your stay in Germany. Likewise, as a CBS degree student we will of course support your plans to study abroad at our international partner universities, or make plans for further international experiences, and guide you through the application process and planning of your stay abroad!