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Technology management: studies, opportunities, salary


Study technology management at a top business school

Are you interested in studying for a Technology Management degree at a top business school? Technology Management is essential for any company that uses or develops technology. A technology management degree combines aspects of business administration with elements of an industrial engineering degree. Further specializations within the technology management degree include themes related to IT and digital economy. For example, business informatics and business engineering, digital transformation, and technology scouting are all components of technology management. Succeeding in this area of business requires thorough training. That’s why CBS Business School offers various options for studying Technology Management at the bachelor's or master's level. At CBS, business administration is always integrated at the highest academic standards, giving students the best chance of building a successful career

What is Technology Management? 

Our Technology Management degree explores the discovery, promotion, evaluation, planning, control, implementation, and monitoring of new technologies within companies. These new technologies should create competitive advantages, either by optimizing internal processes - for example in the production of goods - or through improved products for customers. It is always about measurable efficiency and creating economic advantages.

Technology Management is a cross-disciplinary field incorporating business administration and engineering. Depending on the specific job profile, our Technology Management courses focus more on business tasks or technological topics - but both areas are always present. The technology studies course is relevant for IT manager jobs. But it also relates to marketing and engineering.

Technology Management is all about teamwork: Experts must often deal with a higher decision-making level, such as the board of directors. But they must also liaise with cooperating departments such as the research and development, procurement, production managers, or other specialist departments.

What can you expect from a Technology Management degree and is it right for you?

A Technology Management degree can take many forms. At CBS, we offer students numerous technology studies options. The content of the technology management degree course differs in depth and breadth between the bachelor's and master's degree. The second point of difference between technology management courses is the orientation of the programme: Do you prefer to focus on business administration and see the engineering part as an add-on, or do you want to learn about both areas equally?

Here is a selection of study content in the Technology Management degree:

  • Technology studies includes discovering, examining, and implementing digital innovations for the company, with management approval, to advance the company's (digital) business model or to digitize business processes.

  • Examining mechanical, chemical, or IT technology in terms of its innovation level and usefulness for the company

  • Developing market introduction strategies, including budget planning, production planning, scheduling, and calculating expected returns

  • Evaluating multiple options and offers as part of large projects - for example, tasks related to procuring IT infrastructure or production machinery

  • Planning the life cycle of technologies, including the replacement of currently successful solutions with potentially transformative innovations

  • Risk management: Identifying and minimizing risks

  • Industry 4.0: Optimizing value chains through new technologies

A Technology Management degree is right for you if you are curious, structured, and disciplined. The range of technology management courses at CBS varies from business administration with a focus on digital business and technology management to the complex study of business engineering with theoretical and practical learning content from Industrial Engineering degree programs.

In Technology Management, you need to be able to understand difficult topics and play a mediator role between corporate managers and technology departments. So it helps if you are enthusiastic and have the talent to inspire or convince others.

The next option for customizing technology management courses is language: German or English Technology Management degree courses are available. You can also choose between a full-time on-campus technology management degree at a large or small campus or a dual study program with a strong practical focus.

As you can see, at CBS you will find a Technology Management degree that is ideal for your interests and career goals.

Technology Management Study Programmes at CBS




Type of Study:




What do you learn in technology management studies?

In the Technology Management degree programme, you either learn a wide range of topics - or you specialize in core topics. Typical for CBS: All courses include suitable soft skills courses that are valuable for life, such as self-management, conversation skills, negotiation techniques or leadership behavior.

What do you learn in a Technology Management bachelor's degree?

  • Business administration technology studies programmes: This is a form of Business Information Systems degree designed to train technology managers. The complete business administration programme includes strategy, cost accounting, personnel management, marketing, business law, supply chain management, and much more. In addition, you can choose specializations and elective courses, such as digital business or managing start-ups.

  • Technology-oriented programmes: Focus on business informatics and business engineering. These programmes contain reduced business administration content - but foreground topics such as strategic management, supply chain management, and business law. Business informatics places great emphasis on IT studies in a business context. Business engineering is strongly practice-oriented. It includes numerous internships, such as in measurement and control technology, energy technology, or chemistry. This includes elements of a business information systems degree.

What do you learn in a Technology Management master's degree?

In the master's degree, you further specialize or acquire additional qualifications.

  • Technology Management Master: Research, forecasts, evaluations, transfer, future planning, investment calculations - this dual short master is interdisciplinary. It stands at the interface between business administration and technology. The master's thesis has a very high weighting here: about a third of the study performance is attributed to it. This technology management degree course is therefore not just about learning. To a large extent, the Masters of Technology Management is also about creating knowledge.

  • Business Administration Master: These are complete Business Administration master's programmes for people with a Business Administration bachelor's degree. The masters technology management degree has various customization options. Courses on IT studies themes like digital strategies, data & analytics, or coding may be included. The central focus is on your own initiative: the master's thesis is the crowning achievement of the technology management degree. Therefore, choose a topic that goes in the direction of Technology Management.

  • Project Management Master: This master's degree is a standalone programme that requires little technical knowledge. It is a dual programme designed for people who are already working or who want to advance their career and studies simultaneously after their bachelor's degree. Project management skills are universally applicable, as most of the economy consists of projects. The technology management degree places great value on knowledge of managing digital projects and large-scale major projects. It includes Strategic Management and classical Business Administration content such as controlling that are not part of technology studies.

The content of the technology management degree depends on whether you want to enroll in a bachelor's or master's technology management degree. For this reason, the requirements are also presented separately.

What are the requirements for a Technology Management degree?


To enroll in a bachelor degree in Technology Management you need a university entrance qualification, such as a vocational baccalaureate, high school diploma or a completed vocational training programme plus 3 years of work experience. If you do not meet these requirements, our Prep4University study programme or our study counseling service can help you. You can apply even if you don't have the certificate yet. If the study language is English, good English skills are also relevant. For the English proficiency certificate, a certificate that is not more than two years old is required. Alternatively, you can participate in the CBS's free online English test


The admission requirement for enrollment in a master's degree programme at the CBS is a first academic degree (bachelor's, diploma, master's) from a recognized German or international university, technical university or vocational academy with a grade of "good" or higher. If this grade point average was not achieved in the first degree programme, a separate admission process must be completed. The first degree programme should have been completed in a business economics field and have a total volume of at least 180 ECTS points.

Personal Requirements

Candidates for a Technology Management degree should be interested in innovation: do you like to experiment with new technology? Are you excited about technical novelties? That's already a very good starting point for studying technology and innovation management. Do you also have a feel for which of these technologies will be successful - and which will be a flop in the foreseeable future? That's even better. Do you wonder whether new technologies are profitable for the provider and why they decided to invest a lot of money in this type of innovation? That's optimal.

Basically, you need a good mix of curiosity, analytical skills, numerical understanding, and gut feeling. In technology management, you are always venturing into uncharted territory. Therefore you cannot just rely on clear, data-based decision-making.


The programmes at the CBS are NC-free, as we select our students based on our own criteria. This is done as part of a consultation and application process, including an interview. The reason for this is that we want you to choose the perfect degree programme for you.

You can find all information about the application process and the requirements at the CBS here.

Technologiemanagement Gehalt

How does the Technology Management degree programme work?

The Technology Management degree programme is different for the bachelor's and master's degree. Please note that some degree programmes start in the summer semester and others in the winter semester, but often also in both terms.


The duration of the bachelor’s degree in technology management is 6 or 7 semesters, for 180 to 210 ECTS - including a bachelor's thesis. Some bachelor’s degrees in technology management include an integrated semester abroad or an optional semester abroad. Internships are always planned, except in the dual Business Administration degree programs. In that case, you will already have enough practical experience in the corporate environment. In full-time, on-campus bachelor’s technology management degree programmes, lectures take place on campus. They may sometimes be supplemented by digital formats. In the dual degree programme, you may spend 3 days a week in the company and 2 days on campus. However, in some programmes students spend 3 months alternately on campus and in the company.


The masters of technology management programmes last 3 or 4 semesters in full-time or dual, and 5 semesters in part-time. 120 ECTS is the rule, except for a few programmes with 90 ECTS. The dual masters of technology management degree programmes are designed so that the lectures are planned as long weekends. This allows you to work successfully on projects in your company during the week. You have almost complete freedom in your lifestyle with the part-time masters of technology management degree, which you can complete alongside your (part-time) job. The lectures and seminars in the technology management degree are also scheduled on weekends and include hybrid elements.

Study models: Alternatives to on-campus technology studies

It is common and usual to complete a Technology Management degree programme as a full-time, on-campus programme. This allows you to fully concentrate on the topic and the demands of the masters of technology management, which is important and time-consuming. But alternatives are also available if you wish to obtain a degree in Technology Management..

A part-time study technology management degree provides more flexibility. You can completely decide for yourself what you work on and where you work. Combining part-time study and part-time work is easily possible as campus events are limited to weekends. For example, every other Friday there are digital lectures in the evenings, and on Saturday there are full-day, in-person lectures on campus. In addition, the technology management degree features block weekend sessions. Candidates should note that the part-time masters of technology management takes only one semester longer than the full-time Master's programme. This means you should not underestimate the workload.

A dual study program at CBS is very popular and is gaining more importance. This is because at CBS you benefit from the knowledge of a renowned business school while also gaining job experience with employers. Companies support the form of a dual study program because they are interested in specialists and leaders who can start working immediately after their studies without a training period. For you, the dual study program has the advantage that you will be well prepared for your first job after graduation. You will also be financially secure during your study period.

A full-time study program at CBS requires a time commitment similar to a full-time job. During your weekly semester hours, you will participate in lectures, courses, or seminars. You will also need to prepare for and review the course material. Lectures are usually from Monday to Friday. In addition, block events are also held on weekends. You will also need to study at home, as preparing for presentations, writing papers, or preparing for exams will become part of your everyday routine.

Technology Management careers: What can I do with this degree? 

The range of careers in technology management is very wide. Technology Management jobs vary from IT manager posts in digital business to jobs in heavy engineering teams. Everything is possible.

Possible future jobs with a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration include Digital Business Manager, Business Development Manager, Consultant, or Project Manager. On the other hand, an industrial engineering degree qualifies holders for roles such as Technical Product Manager, Production Planner, or Project Engineer.

With a highly specialized Master's degree, you may pursue technology management careers as a Digital Transformation Manager, Technology Scout, IT Manager, or Technology Strategy Consultant.

Technology procurement isn’t the only option. You can also work in the sale of technology. After a Masters of Technology Management, you will have acquired enough skills to sell your employer's innovations to technology scouts from buyers on an equal footing.

You can find more information in the article on technology management careers.

Technology Management: Salary 

What is the typical Technology Management jobs salary? After completing a Bachelor's degree, the salary range is approximately 35,000 to 70,000 gross per year. The lower end is entry-level positions at start-ups or in simple project management or sales roles. At the upper end a technology management degree might lead to consulting jobs and positions in top industrial companies.

With a Master's degree, salaries at the start of a career increase to 40,000 to 80,000 euros gross per year. Technology Management careers often progress quickly. After a few years, significant salary increases are possible if you take on significant technical or personnel responsibility. Examples include progressing from technical management up to production director, CTO, or CIO.

We have more information in the article on technology management salary for you.

Where can I study for a Technology Management degree? 

You can study programmes with content in Technology Management at all CBS campus locations, including Cologne, Mainz, Berlin/Potsdam, Neuss, Brühl, Solingen, and Aachen.

You have 2 options: you can choose a campus and have our study advisors recommend programmes for this location, or you can choose a technology management degree programme first.

This is What Our Students Say

Philip Kollmann
Project Manager
Wayne´s Coffee

"Especially the soft skill courses have been of great help for my performance in job interviews. Through my work in the Finance and Business Club I have built up a broad network and acquired project management skills that have enabled me to score points with companies."

Katrin Rieger
Bereichsdirektorin Reisevertrieb Deutschland / Vice President Sales
HanseMerkur Krankenversicherung

"The practical learning in small groups prepared me optimally for today's project and team work. The CBS provided me with the decisive soft skills and current knowledge from the world of business."

Christopher Rosenbaum
Ernst & Young GmbH

"The Management Studies programme prepares you thoroughly for the tasks of a consultant. In particular, the development of presentation techniques as well as analytical thinking is of enormous importance in the everyday life of a consultant."

Oliver Kiderle
EMEA Regional Product Expert
Google Inc.

"The focus on internationality and practical skills have had a very positive influence on my development at Google. Especially the structured and very versatile project work, which is often found at a private school, was extremely helpful."

Kalle Kenkel
Commercial Excellence Manager
GE Healthcare

"My studies at CBS prepared me for a career in today's dynamic, global work environment. As one's origin and physical location become less and less decisive, it has become increasingly important to have a multinational network and adapt quickly to various cultures and environments."

Neil Jordaan
Global Digital Content Manager

"Many professors shared their professional business experience with us in class and were able to illustrate dry theory with practical examples. I also enjoyed the international atmosphere on campus."

Patrick Stein
Head of Human Resources
Boston Consulting Group

"The strongly practice-oriented studies and the international orientation of the CBS, as well as the lectures held in English, were an absolutely necessary basis for starting a career with a renowned, international company."


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