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You would like to get a taste of one of our lectures?
That's a good thing: Because we want to support you in your search for the right Bachelor's or Master's programme with our trial study offer!

Our trial studies offer you the special opportunity to immerse yourself in everyday university life, to get to know students and to find out which study programme suits you best. Our digital lectures give you the opportunity to join our trial lectures from anywhere in the world.

If you would like to experience the CBS live and to get a taste of the campus, lectures, lecturers, and future fellow students write an e-mail to our study advisory team and schedule an appointment for your trial study on campus. You are also warmly invited to join one of our Open Campus Events on-site. Alternatively, you could also book an appointment with one of our student advisors, who will gladly answer all your questions and provide you with all the information you need on our campuses and study programmes.

If you are not yet sure which study programme suits you best or if you just want to get a glimpse of the study programme and its contents, then this is the ideal opportunity for you to find out.


Get a taste of what studying at CBS feels like

You are currently abroad, or one of our campuses is too far away for you? Then the digital trial study offers you a special opportunity to get to know CBS International Business School from home. Regardless of whether you are interested in a Bachelor's or Master's degree programme, we cover lectures in various subject areas with our range of courses that are sure to fit your desired degree programme.  

The digital trial study gives you a free and non-binding impression within 45-60 minutes. In addition, you can directly use the opportunity to address your questions to our live study advisory.  

The session takes place completely digitally - after your registration you will receive a zoom link with which you can dial later. Are you curious? Here you can get an overview of the topics and register directly for one of the session

You can choose between these topics during our digital trial study in English:

Global Supply Chain Risk Management

In our English-language trial lecture you will learn insights into the topic of global risk management in the supply chain. With the help of many practical examples, you will learn what it means to manage risk in a company and to develop a global supply chain.

The subscription – the slamdunk in digital pricing

Why do companies use subscriptions? In our English-language trial lecture you will learn exciting insights about subscription and recurring revenue options.

Ethics in Financial Management

In our English-language trial lecture, we learn how ethical issues influence our perspective on the world of finance. These issues also make us aware of the complexity of the topic and show how "unethical" some companies act in order to achieve their financial goals more quickly.

Digital Transformation

In our English-language trial lecture, you will learn what the difference is between "Digitization" and "Digitalization/Digital Transformation". We will present how both disciplines drive Digitalization and influence the business world.

How to Calculate Present Values

In our English-language trial lecture, you will learn how the value of money changes over time, what factors are involved, and how to mathematically record and analyze this value.

Why do some organizations succeed while others fail?

In our English-language trial lecture you will learn how Strategic Management works. It explains how companies, with the help of the implementation of a successful and well thought-out strategy, are more likely to achieve their desired goals than others.

Evolution of the Brain

Have you always wondered how the brain works? In our English-language trial lecture  you will learn exciting insights about the evolution of the human brain. 

German Automobile Industry

Join our English lecture to explore Germany's auto industry. Learn its success strategies, market scope, and production secrets. Find out who's the top car producer and why Tesla picked Germany. Get insights from our expert professor.