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Marketing Degree: All the information you need at a glance

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Marketing Degree: All information at a Glance


Leading things to success with a marketing degree

A marketing degree will help you succeed in a variety of dynamic careers. During your marketing studies, you will learn how to reach and win over potential customers through targeted advertising - an increasingly important part of the field of marketing. Another focus of your studies will be developing different real world marketing strategies. After the development phase, you will implement your project and evaluate its success. Due to the different stages of the process, your daily work routine will be extremely diverse. Depending on the task at hand, you may find yourself working in an office, meeting room, or even on a film set creating a commercial.

With the foundation you gain from studying at the CBS, you will be able to develop and sell products successfully in the future. Knowledge gained from a marketing degree will enable you to reach potential customers efficiently and generate product sales. You will learn how to create advertising campaigns and measure their effectiveness. And you will know exactly how to assess the impact of your marketing strategies. Studying marketing also helps you choose the right duration for every marketing strategy. Some strategies have a short-term effect, while others work over the long term. Different strategies can be successfully applied to each product area. Your marketing degree will help you decide which strategy is the right one for every specific case. To do this, you need to explore which markets the product will find the most success in, and come up with a campaign to exploit that demand. You can choose to study marketing courses at CBS as full-time, part-time, or dual programmes. To help you select, we have compiled all the information you need about the marketing degree, including the course content, requirements, and career opportunities.

What is marketing?

What does a marketing manager do, and how does marketing study prepare you for professional roles? To start with, let’s define marketing. Marketing is the concept of market-oriented management that is focused on satisfying the needs of future customers. In addition to operational measures, marketing encompasses other business areas. For example, marketing always involves researching the business area that relates to products or services. It is not correct to equate marketing with advertising. Marketing is more complex. It recognizes current market needs, perceives changes, and ensures increasing sales of a company’s own products or services. Marketing always seeks to boost sales. That’s fundamental. To achieve this, marketers must work hard to identify potential customers and research market conditions. They need to promote the product, and consider the overall company image as well.

To achieve this goal, professionals use various marketing instruments. These instruments are called product, price, distribution, and communication policy. Product policy deals with information that is directly related to the product or service. Price policy deals with everything that has to do with determining the product or service price. Distribution policy deals with the distribution of the product or service. Communication policy deals with how to draw attention to the product or service. Social media studies falls under this heading, and is a core part of modern marketing. Other areas to consider are personnel, process, and equipment policy.

What is Online Marketing?

Online marketing is also known as web marketing or internet marketing. Essentially, it involves all of the marketing measures we have previously described that can be implemented online. Online marketing makes it possible to achieve conscious marketing goals. For instance, in the online sector it is very easy to achieve brand awareness for the product or service. Ultimately, deals can be completed online as well. Today, online marketing is a crucial component for successfully marketing almost any product or service.

Online marketing study includes critically important individual areas such as affiliate marketing, direct internet advertising, search engine optimization, and social media marketing. The marketing sector must stay on top of technical developments while assessing the behavior of potential customers. This demands knowledge of video marketing - another important marketing tool. In addition, mobile marketing has gained importance and forms part of our marketing degree courses. Users regularly browse for products on mobile devices, while high speed mobile connectivity is also expanding. Companies can’t afford to miss out on potential customers. Because of this, the extension of mobile marketing has gained a completely new significance. Marketing expertise is in high demand. Online activities can be measured extremely accurately, and skilled marketers have a better idea of whether strategies will succeed. For this reason, online marketing plays a more important role compared to TV or print marketing. Holding a digital marketing certificate has become essential for career success.


Marketing Study Programmes at CBS




Type of Study:




What marketing content will you find in a marketing degree? What do you learn in a marketing degree?

During your studies, you will be trained and educated in a variety of subjects so that you can meet all the requirements of your assignments. To do this, you must be able to develop specific marketing strategies to reach your target group, i.e. customers. Your strategies must be able to satisfy the needs of the customers so that they make product purchases. In terms of marketing content, you will learn the basics of business administration. This includes economics, accounting, and financing. Other areas of study that you will cover during your degree include business law, corporate management, and controlling. In addition, as part of your studies, you will be dealing with subjects such as logistics, project management, business mathematics, and statistics. Other subjects you will encounter are marketing policy, distribution strategies, communication, and media law. In addition, you will be trained in the areas of media management, social media marketing, and online marketing. Other subject and subject areas of your marketing degree include event management, market research, opinion research, and customer relationship management. It all adds up to a comprehensive marketing education.

With the basic knowledge you have gained from your studies, you will be able to develop and sell successful product strategies in the future. Your basic knowledge enables you to efficiently reach potential customers and maximize sales of any respective product. To achieve this, you must have learned how to create advertising campaigns and how to measure the effect of those campaigns. You must also always know the effect of your marketing strategies. And you will plan the perfect duration for every strategy. Some campaigns are effective over the short-term. But others work over the long-term. Certain marketing strategies can be successfully applied to each area. In your studies you will learn how to choose the right strategy in every concrete case. And you will also learn how to identify target markets for every product. This knowledge feeds directly into campaigns and strategies.

What do you learn in the bachelor of marketing?

The typical duration of a bachelor of marketing degree is around six semesters. The basic study comprises a total of four semesters. In lectures, seminars, and project work, all the basic subjects of marketing are covered. Most subjects are based on the core areas of business administration and legal sciences. The emphasis is on the important aspects and areas with direct relevance to marketing. At this level, students also have the opportunity to set their own priorities in areas of interest to take advantage of their personal strengths. 

The basics of the marketing degree include:

  • Economic content

  • Introduction to economics

  • HR management and corporate governance 

  • Mathematics

  • Statistics

  • Business law

  • Business informatics

  • Bookkeeping

  • Balancing

The additional cross-disciplinary competencies are:

  • English

  • Second foreign language, culture & management

  • Self- and time management

What do you learn in the marketing master's programme?

A marketing bachelor's degree entitles students to begin a marketing master's degree. This degree has a regular study time of four semesters. Students can specialize in a specific field. All knowledge areas from the bachelor’s degree can be revisited in more depth. Classic examples of master's programmes are event management, media and communication management, content marketing, or cross-media marketing communication.

Initially, the course teaches general economic content. This is divided into:

  • Business Economics

  • Empirical Research Methods

  • Strategic Analysis & Management

  • Innovation Management & Digital Transformation

  • Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Corporate Governance

In addition to this, there is programme-specific teaching content, such as:

  • Digital Strategy Development

  • Digital Storytelling

  • E-Commerce

  • Online-Marketing

  • Social Media Management

  • Modern Marketing Strategies

  • Managing Brands in the Digital Era

Additional cross-disciplinary competencies include:

  • Advanced Intercultural Team Leadership

  • Advanced Negotiation & Influencing Skills

  • Language & Communication Skills

What are the requirements for a marketing degree?


The formal requirements for a marketing bachelor's degree can be met with a high school diploma as a general higher education entrance qualification or equivalent foreign qualifications. The lectures are held in German or English. What subjects are needed for marketing? In addition to languages, you should have creativity, analytical thinking, and organizational skills. Furthermore, English knowledge is important.


The admission requirement for a masters in marketing management is a first academic degree (bachelor, diploma, master) from a recognized German or international university, university of applied sciences or professional academy with a grade of at least "good".


The marketing degree can be studied without an NC. A numerus clausus is not required.

You can find all information about the application process and requirements at CBS here.

How does the marketing degree work? 

Depending on whether you are aiming for a Bachelor’s or Master of Arts degree, the requirements for marketing courses differ. The processes of the two degree classes are discussed in more detail below.


The duration of the degree is six semesters and ends with the bachelor's thesis. The degree is called Bachelor of Arts. Depending on the degree programme, internships and semesters abroad may also be included. To prepare you optimally for the job market and get to know different industries during your marketing studies, we include practical phases within the bachelor's degree programme, depending on the degree programme and study model. This will allow you to work on complex issues in a joint business project with practice partners or apply your knowledge practically in a business simulation game.


The duration of the degree is four semesters and ends with the master's thesis. The degree is called Master of Arts. Students can study for a Master in Marketing Management or a Masters in Digital Marketing.  Depending on the degree programme, internships and semesters abroad may also be included. During the marketing master's degree, you can apply the specialized knowledge you have acquired during your studies directly in the context of a Business Project, depending on the degree programme and study model. In this project, you will work on real case studies and present the results to representatives of the respective company. In addition, CBS offers a business simulation game, where students can experience how their business decisions could affect a company.

Study models: alternatives to on-campus study 

It is common and usual to pursue a marketing degree as a full-time on-campus programme. This allows you to fully focus on the subject matter and the requirements of the degree. However, other alternatives are also available if you want to obtain a degree in marketing.

For example, you can also study part time marketing courses at CBS. The degree will be a kind of personalized qualification. You can climb the career ladder or even change your job completely after successfully completing the course. To give yourself enough time during the week for your job, the lectures during the part-time study programme at CBS are scheduled at weekends. In terms of time, the CBS degree is completely oriented towards the needs of a part-time degree.

You can also choose the marketing degree as a dual study program. With this option, you learn the theory of marketing at the university. At the same time, you will already be working in your dream job and gaining practical experience. Dual degree programs are usually funded by the employer. In addition, you receive a monthly salary with which you can support yourself.

A dual degree program at CBS is very popular and is gaining increasing importance. The appeal is simple. At CBS you acquire the knowledge of a renowned business school and at the same time gain professional experience with employers. Companies support the form of a dual degree program because they are interested in specialists and managers who can start working in their job immediately after graduation, without any induction period. For students, the dual degree program has the advantage that you will be ready to start your first job immediately after completing your studies.

A full-time degree at CBS entails a time commitment like a full-time job. During your semester weekly hours, you attend lectures, courses, or seminars. Learning materials must also be prepared and reviewed by you. The lectures are usually from Monday to Friday. In addition, block events are also held that take place on weekends. You will also have to learn at home. Homework is essential because giving presentations, writing papers, or preparing for exams will be part of your daily routine.

Marketing jobs: what can you do with a marketing degree?

Why study marketing management? There are plenty of good answers. For instance, if you have a Bachelor's or Master's degree in Marketing, you can professionally place brands in the market. You will have acquired all the skills and abilities during your studies to sell products and services to potential customers. A marketing degree is a great starting point for anyone wondering how to become a marketing manager. Overall, the industry is huge, making it easy to find your dream job. On the one hand, you might choose the job of Marketing Manager. But you can also take over tasks like conducting and organizing events or managing the social media channels of a company. You can choose to spend your future working day planning classic marketing campaigns or undertaking general management. According to your preference, you can choose a job that meets your goals. Graduates become product managers, online marketing managers, social media managers, media planners, sales managers, market researchers or project managers. Some also enter international marketing management. There are many exciting possibilities.

For more information about careers in marketing and responsibilities, please see here.

Marketing Salary

Is marketing a good degree from a financial perspective? Usually, the answer is yes. However, your future marketing salary depends on what kind of job you do after graduation. In general, the average salary in the marketing field in Germany is about 70,000 euros per year. The starting marketing salary is usually around 55,000 euros. The upper limit of salaries is reached at about 85,000 euros.

For more information about salaries in marketing, please see here.

Where can I study marketing in Germany?

There are various places to undertake marketing study in Germany. You can complete your Bachelor's marketing degree at the CBS at the locations of Mainz, Cologne, Neuss, Berlin/Potsdam, Brühl, Solingen, and Aachen. The Master's degree at the CBS takes place in Cologne, Mainz, Brühl, Neuss, and Aachen.


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This is What Our Students Say

Philip Kollmann
Project Manager
Wayne´s Coffee

"Especially the soft skill courses have been of great help for my performance in job interviews. Through my work in the Finance and Business Club I have built up a broad network and acquired project management skills that have enabled me to score points with companies."

Katrin Rieger
Bereichsdirektorin Reisevertrieb Deutschland / Vice President Sales
HanseMerkur Krankenversicherung

"The practical learning in small groups prepared me optimally for today's project and team work. The CBS provided me with the decisive soft skills and current knowledge from the world of business."

Christopher Rosenbaum
Ernst & Young GmbH

"The Management Studies programme prepares you thoroughly for the tasks of a consultant. In particular, the development of presentation techniques as well as analytical thinking is of enormous importance in the everyday life of a consultant."

Oliver Kiderle
EMEA Regional Product Expert
Google Inc.

"The focus on internationality and practical skills have had a very positive influence on my development at Google. Especially the structured and very versatile project work, which is often found at a private school, was extremely helpful."

Kalle Kenkel
Commercial Excellence Manager
GE Healthcare

"My studies at CBS prepared me for a career in today's dynamic, global work environment. As one's origin and physical location become less and less decisive, it has become increasingly important to have a multinational network and adapt quickly to various cultures and environments."

Neil Jordaan
Global Digital Content Manager

"Many professors shared their professional business experience with us in class and were able to illustrate dry theory with practical examples. I also enjoyed the international atmosphere on campus."

Patrick Stein
Head of Human Resources
Boston Consulting Group

"The strongly practice-oriented studies and the international orientation of the CBS, as well as the lectures held in English, were an absolutely necessary basis for starting a career with a renowned, international company."

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