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CBS International Business School, 3 May 2023

CBS welcomes 170 freshmen and achieves system accreditation

CBS welcomes 170 freshmen and achieves system accreditation

There were several reasons to celebrate at CBS International Business School last month.

After the successful semester start of the part-time and full-time students at the beginning of February, the freshmen of the dual programs General Management (B.A.) as well as Digital Project Management (M.Sc.) and Business Development Management (M.A.) have now also started their studies at the various CBS locations.

"It is the year in which CBS celebrates its 30th anniversary and it is the year in which the Klett Group, to which we belong, looks back on its 125th anniversary. We are a little proud of that. And as of today, you are also part of this community and the CBS family," CBS President Prof. Anja Karlshaus welcomed the 170 dual study starters at the opening ceremony and gave them encouraging words to take with them on their new path: "Go into your studies with self-confidence, as your own inventor of your future. Don't be afraid to set your sights high. Because you are the future entrepreneurs, managers - the future generation - that we need to tackle the complex global challenges of the future." 

The dual form of study is becoming increasingly important. Companies are particularly attracted by the fact that they can quickly deploy young talents in practice and at the same time provide them with qualified in-depth theoretical knowledge. For prospective students, the dual CBS study courses score points in particular with the close practical integration and the advantage that the tuition fees are paid by the respective employer. 

A special seal of approval for quality management

In addition to many new students, the CBS International Business School was also able to receive the freshly acquired system accreditation in April. With this, the Accreditation Council seals quality management for the university, which ensures the level of the study programs that is also guaranteed in an external assessment. The Accreditation Council was founded by the 16 German states and is the central decision-making body for program and system accreditations that ensure the achievement of qualification goals and standards in education and studies. 

"The system accreditation provides our university with even more dynamics in adapting our offers to the needs of the job market and the introduction of innovative study programs," Prof. Dr. Christoph Willers, Managing Director and Professor for Strategic Management and Corporate Development, is pleased about the successful completion of the procedure at CBS International Business School. The new Logistics and Supply Chain Management course has just started at the CBS as a Master's degree in the part-time model.

About CBS International Business School

CBS International Business School is an internationally oriented private business school located in Cologne, Mainz, Potsdam, Brühl, Solingen, Aachen and Neuss. It specializes in business management degree programs according to international standards. Today, it offers its approximately 3,000 students from 75 nations bachelor's and master's degree programs in English and German with numerous specializations as well as MBA programs.

All study programs are regularly accredited by FIBAA and the German Council of Science and Humanities. Since 2018, it is the only university in Germany to hold the international accreditation of the IACBE.

CBS International Business School has been part of the Stuttgart-based Klett Group since 2016. The Klett Group is a leading education company in Europe and is represented internationally in 18 countries. The product range includes classic and modern educational media for everyday school life as well as lesson preparation, specialist literature and fine literature. In addition, the Klett Group operates numerous educational institutions ranging from daycare centers and schools to correspondence schools, distance learning colleges and attendance universities. Further information can be found on the Internet at

CBS International Business School

CBS International Business School is a state-recognised private university of applied sciences for business. We offer accredited Bachelor's, Master's and MBA degree programmes in German and English on a full-time or part-time basis. Throughout Germany, the university is represented at three locations in Cologne, Mainz, and Potsdam.

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