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CBS International Business School, 7 April 2020

Study abroad experiences: Studying at the Hanyang University in Seoul


Anyone interested in digital media and technology is in good hands in South Korea. The East Asian state stands for innovative technology like no other country in the world which it has recently proven again with its quarantine control app. As a bachelor's student of "Digital Media Management", Inès Planchenault decided early on that she wanted to take media courses at the renowned Hanyang University. She will tell you about her experiences during her semester abroad and at Hanyang University in our quick check.

This is what you can experience at the Hanyang University and in Seoul

1. Shop around the clock

“What I like most about Seoul is that it's such a "convenient" city. On every street there is a selection of convenience stores open 24 hours a day, where you can find everything you need, from food and snacks to health products and electronics. Once my phone charger broke down and I went down the street in the middle of the night to buy a new one at the supermarket."

2. Student clubs and events

"The students of HYU organized many events for us Internationals, which was great to meet other students. I also joined the student photo club, which photographed sights around Seoul (and in Suwon) on weekends. After our tours we had dinner together in the evening and I discovered many new dishes."

3. Short trips to Vietnam or Japan

"Seoul is a very international city with many tourist attractions. I myself did not travel through South Korea, as I spent a week in Vietnam during the holidays. But many international students have visited Busan and Jeju Island. It is also worthwhile to go to Japan, because of the cheap flight tickets. You should definitely visit the N-Seoul Tower, Suwon Palace and Olympic Park in Seoul.”

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Would you like to spend a semester abroad in Seoul? You should be prepared for this

1. Campus outside the city centre

"What I didn't like about my flat was that it took me an hour and a half by bus or subway to downtown Seoul. My fellow students lived in student dormitories, as there were few nice apartments for us in Ansan. Some lucky ones found a room via Airbnb near the campus. I lived in Suwon and it took me 30 minutes for a drive to the campus. During the semester I lived in two different Airbnbs flats with really nice hosts who helped me a lot. I would choose to live in Suwon again if I will travel to Seoul."

2. More expensive food

"I really like cooking for myself or my friends back home. Unfortunately, food shopping in South Korea is very expensive because a lot of products were imported from abroad. The most expensive were fruit, vegetables and meat."

3. Language barriers in everyday life

"I had great difficulties at the beginning of my stay in South Korea. The language barrier was frightening, I could not communicate properly with anyone outside university. I also found it strange to take public transport, as I did not know the city. However, I learned to find my way around during the semester and also learned a little Korean at Hanyang University. A lot of apps on my mobile phone, like maps and online translators, helped me, too."

My conclusion:

“I was able to collect many memories during my stay at Hanyang University and in Seoul. At first it was difficult for me to get used to the new culture, which is very different from our European one. All in all, I have outgrown myself this semester and can only recommend to everyone to spend their studies abroad in Seoul!”

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Photo: Inès Planchenault

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