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Kim Heinz, 25 March 2021

8 Reasons why you should study business adminstration - Content & Career Paths


High school is done and the big question now is what do I want to study in college or what shall I study in college? Business administration seems to be more in demand than ever. However, the problem is that many high school graduates do not always know why they should study business administration or whether a business administration degree is right for them.

If you want to earn a degree in a field with a wealth of job opportunities, a Bachelor of Business Administration is definitely one worth considering. Here are 8 reasons why you should study business administration and why getting a business degree is worth it.

Why should I study business administration? 8 reasons to study business!

With a growing range of courses on offer, it is becoming more and more difficult, but also increasingly important, to choose a degree programme according to one's own tendencies and interests.

Here are 8 reasons to study business:

  • Attractive starting salary

  • Good promotion prospects

  • Practice-oriented studies

  • Plenty of diverse job opportunities

  • Leadership skills

  • Developing essential communication skills

  • Learning project management

  • Networking

Is a business administration degree right for me?

If you decide to study business administration, you will qualify for management tasks in a wide variety of areas. The study is therefore very versatile and interesting for many.

If you want to know if a business administration degree is right for you – Ask yourself these questions:

  • Am I interested in business-related topics like accounting, marketing, management, finance, etc.?

  • Do I consider myself a leader or do I want to become a leader or am I interested in being in a position to lead others?

  • Do I working with others in teams and communicating with them?

What is a business administration degree?

In most cases, the term, business administration, refers to the courses and programmes that are offered in colleges and universities. Specifically, study programmes that teach the principles of business and its best practices. Business administration or business management is a field of study that focuses on the planning, analyzing, management, and organizing of various business activities and financial needs of an organization. A business administration degree is one of the most frequently taken and most popular degrees in Germany. In 2013, almost 65,000 students graduated with a degree in economics, either in business administration or economics. And that for a good reason, after all, graduates in business administration are needed in almost all areas of daily life and can be employed in almost all companies. In addition, with a business administration degree, the possibility of advancing to management or leadership positions is rather high.

What is taught in business studies?

What you should expect to learn in business studies? First of all, business studies teach the basics of economics as well as finance marketing, and accounting. Later, students also have the opportunity to specialise in a specific area, for example, in business psychology or marketing. Students learn how management, leadership, and decision-making can improve performance in marketing, operational, financial, and human resources.

Prospective employers have a preferred set of skills needed for business graduates that they look for when hiring. These skills are known as “soft skills,” they include critical thinking, problem-solving, presentation skills, foreign language skills, and technical capabilities. Therefore business studies are also becoming increasingly practice-oriented, focusing on including these soft skills in the curriculum. 

What are the 10 most important Soft Skills in business? 

As mentioned above prospective employers always look for candidates that posess more than theoretical knowledge. Not every business skill is teachable. Additional language skills, software skills, and certifications, are crucial to round up your skills and make your resume more attractive to employers. A well-rounded candidate should have a combination of theoretical knowledge and soft skills that support success in business.

Here we compiled the top 10 soft skills that business graduates need for success:

  • Leadership

  • Effective communication

  • Flexibility 

  • Problem-solving

  • Team building

  • Time management

  • Organisation and planning

  • Collaboration

  • Seeking feedback

  • Conflict resolution

What are the necessary requirements for a business administration degree?

What do you need to study business administration? Business administration is one of the most popular subjects in Germany, which is why spots at universities are limited. Applicants must therefore often have a certain grade point average. Universities can also carry out other admission processes. Common admission processes include aptitude tests or writing a letter of motivation. In order to test a students mathematical aptitude and interest in studying business. Students who want to study business administration with an international focus should also have a good command of English.

To be admitted to a Bachelor of Business Administration, you must always meet the following formal requirements:

Higher education entrance qualification (High School diploma) or

University entrance exam

a comparable school-leaving certificate

In most cases, if your qualification would allow you entry into higher education in your home country, it will also be sufficient to allow you to apply to German universities.

Learn more about the undergraduate business programmes offered at CBS International Business School in Germany.

How long does it take to get a degree in Business?

A bachelor's degree in business administration takes 6 to 8 semesters, depending on the university.

Is business administration hard? How difficult is it?

It depends. Business administration is not easy for everyone, but what degree program is. As in any other degree program, you have to put in the work to get good results. Most students find the math courses particularly difficult. But with motivation and interest, even those should not be a problem.

Business Administration career path – What jobs can I do with a business administration degree?

Wide variety of versatile job opportunities

A degree in business administration can open up a wide variety of career opportunities. Hardly any other course of study can offer this number of specialization options. The possibilities for employment seem unlimited, because business economists are needed in a wide variety of industries to take on a wide variety of tasks. The most common tasks include working as a balance sheet accountant or controller. The business economist can also be employed in management, logistics, management consulting, personnel management, project planning or marketing. The possible places of work range from medium-sized companies to large global corporations.

The competition is fierce and never sleeps

Business administration graduates are in high demand on the job market. However, this also means that the competition is high. Therefore many business graduates start their careers with trainee programmes and internships. Having said that, it is important to mention that graduates with a business administration degree have a big chance of advancing rather quickly to management and executive position qualifying them to earn attractive salaries.

Conclusion - a study programme with many future opportunities

If you decide to study business administration, you have the opportunity to study anywhere in Germany. Provided that you get one of the few limited spots at universities. At CBS we offer business programmes in Cologne, Mainz, and Potsdam.

Studying business in Germany is very practice-oriented, which means that a lot of experience can be gained while studying. Graduates can expect an attractive starting salary and good opportunities to advance to management positions.

You may still be asking yourself "Which degree program suits me?" or "What should I study?". Check out our degree finder! It will take you just a few clicks to find a course that fits your profile and learn about it more.

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A Business Administration Degree: Ready to Take the Next Step?

A Bachelor‘s degree in Business from CBS International Business School in Germany can provide you with the knowledge and tools you need to succeed. Our programmes prepare students to pursue careers in management, in small, medium or large sized companies, and more. Learn more about the undergraduate business programmes offered at CBS International Business School in Germany.

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