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CBS International Business School, 3 June 2024

21 Reasons Why You Should Study in Germany


With many top-ranked universities and buzzing cities packed with history, vibrant nightlife, and art galleries, no wonder thousands of young international students are deciding to pursue their studies in Germany. In recent years, Germany has become one of the most popular places to study for international students. To be more precise, it is the third most popular destination!

But what is it that makes Germany such an attractive place for students?

In this article, we’ll be exploring some of the top reasons why to study in Germany and hopefully explain why so many young people want to move here for their studies.

Why study in Germany? 21 good reasons!

We have narrowed it down to the top 20 reasons to study in Germany, but there are so many more.

Here are some of the most common reasons students choose to come to Germany:

1 - Outstanding universities

German universities are famous for delivering high-quality education - a lot of these universities even rank among the best in the world.

By choosing to study in Germany, you can be sure to get an education that is well above the global average, which will come in very useful when looking for a job after graduation.

For the third time in a row, CBS has been voted the best private university of applied sciences in the field of business administration in Nordrhein-Westfalen und Rheinland-Pfalz in Germany and top digital education provider in Germany in the current ranking of the magazine "WirtschaftsWoche".

All our study programmes are regularly accredited by FIBAA and the German Council of Science and Humanities. Since 2018, it is the only university in Germany to hold the international accreditation of the IACBE.

Check out our rankings and accreditations

2 - Germany is a safe country

Compared to other study destinations, Germany is a very safe country. 

No matter if it’s day or night, or if you're in the city or the countryside, being out and about is fairly safe taking common sense precautions.

3 - Stable country

Germany is very stable when it comes to its politics and economy. In recent polls, Germany was ranked 9th in the world for its perceived stability. 

Choosing to study in a stable country is a good choice for your future prospects when you finish your studies.

4 - Diversity

Germany is a liberal and welcoming country that is full of diversity.

At CBS International Business School, people from more than 75 different nations come together to study,work and develop. The slogan Creating tomorrow is the focus of the CBS vision: We want to create a better tomorrow, to positively change the future. This mission includes the equal treatment of all individuals and their inclusion in the CBS family. 

We were also recently voted the 3rd most LGBTIQ-friendly University in Germany. Our main campus is located in Cologne - some call "the gay capital" of Germany.

Learn more about diversity & inclusion at CBS

5 - Wide range of study programmes

No matter what point of your studies you’re in, there’s a study programme for you in Germany. 

Because we have so many universities, there’s a large number of Bachelors, Masters, PhD, language courses, etc. to suit every students’ needs.

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6 - English-taught programmes

Just because you’re studying in Germany doesn’t mean that you have to stury in German! You’ll easily be able to find English-taught programmes at most German universities suited for international students.

At CBS we offer a wide range of English taught undergraduate and graduate programmes.

7 - Practice-orientated studies

Most German universities believe that the best way to learn is by applying your knowledge in practice, so a lot of the study programmes - especially at Universities of Applied Sciences - will be very practice-orientated.

At CBS we collaborate with German companies in our business projects    where students experience real-life work situations preparing them for life after university.

8 - Lower tuition fees

University fees can be expensive, but luckily in Germany the tuition fees are a lot lower compared to other countries like the US or the UK. So here in Germany, you can study at top-ranked universities at affordable tuition fees.

9 - Scholarships

Depending on your situation, you may need to use financial aid or apply to a scholarship programme to help finance your studies.

In Germany, there are lots of different options for financing your studies - both from private institutions and from the state government. 

Find out more about scholarships and financial aid for international students in Germany.

10 - Affordable cost of living

The cost of living in Germany is surprisingly low when you compare it to other nearby countries like France, The Netherlands, and the UK. It’s even lower if you are a student due to various student discounts.

11 - Social life

When you move to Germany you’ll quickly realise that it’s the perfect place for young people, especially if you live in one of the major cities.

A lot of the cities have a vibrant nightlife, plenty of restaurants and bars, as well as lots of festivals and events throughout the year to keep students entertained. 

We’re sure you’ll never be bored studying abroad in Germany!

Learn more about campus & student life at CBS

12 - Work while you study

Unlike some other countries, international students are allowed to work part-time during their studies in Germany. You can work up to 20 hours a week, or 120 full days a year.

Working alongside your studies is a good option for those who may need extra money to fund their time abroad, but it can also be helpful to gain work experience and increase your employability.

Some common jobs for students in Germany include babysitters, administrative staff in universities, bartenders, or English tutors.

13 - Powerful student visa

The visa for international students in Germany is particularly strong, especially when it comes to the rules on staying in the country and traveling.

Once you get your visa, you will be allowed to travel visa-free around the whole Schengen area and apply for a German residency permit that can last until well after you graduate.

14 - Lots of other international students

As Germany is such a popular study destination, there will be lots of other international students to make friends with.

Most other students will be in the exact same position as you - starting life in a new country where they probably don’t know anyone - so most people are always up for making friends and hanging out after class.

15 - Links to the rest of Europe

Germany is in the heart of Europe and has excellent travel links with surrounding countries like France and The Netherlands. There are lots of great cities that are no more than a few hours away that you could easily make a day trip to visit. 

Once you’re in Europe it’s relatively easy to travel around countries by plane or train, so make the most of it while in Germany.

16 - Learn German

There’s no better way to learn German than by living in Germany. Even if you’re not taking language lessons, you should find it easy to pick up some phrases throughout your daily life.

Not only will knowing German help you when meeting new people, or going to the supermarket, but it will also help with your future employability. If you plan to work for a German company, you’ll definitely stand out from the crowd if you know German. 

Even if you don’t work for a German company, having an extra language is an impressive skill that lots of employers look for.

17 - German culture

Germany has a rich and diverse culture that you can easily soak up while living here. Some of the most important literature, inventions, and scientific discoveries came from Germany so there are lots to learn about.

18 - Lots to explore

Germany is a big country with many major cities that are all unique and special in their own ways, so make the most of it and visit as many as you can.

You can check out the banking hub in Hamburg, the history in Berlin, Oktoberfest in Munich, and the famous cathedral and carnival in Cologne - and so much more.

19 - Career opportunities

Germany has a thriving economy and high employment rates for international students, and by studying in Germany you will increase your chances of being able to take advantage of this.

There are lots of big companies in Germany, from fashion companies like Adidas to car manufacturers like BMW, all looking to hire the best new graduates.

20 - Staying in Germany

Finally, once you’ve finished your study programme at a German university, there is a good chance you will find employment.

After the initial period of your residence permit ends, you can extend it for an additional 18 months while you find a job - once you find a job, you can stay for even longer!

21 - Extensive support for international students

German universities offer excellent support for international students, including orientation programs, language courses, and dedicated international offices. These resources help students with visa applications, accommodation, and integration, ensuring a smooth transition and a successful study experience in Germany.

Check out more information here on how CBS supports its international students.

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Why study Business Administration or Management in Germany? 7 reasons!

If you’re interested in studying business at University, choosing to come to Germany is a great choice as we offer some of the best administration and management study programmes in Europe.

Here are some of the top reasons to study business & management in Germany:

1 - Many job opportunities

Studying business is a very good choice as there are a lot of potential career routes that you can follow. It’s a degree that lots of companies will be interested in, so you will experience a wide range of diverse job opportunities after you graduate.

In Germany, career opportunities for students are generally very good, especially for students with a business degree.

2 - Attractive starting salary

The average starting salary for business graduates in an entry-level role is around €36,000-42,000 a year.

This is a very attractive starting salary compared to other professions, and it’s also a field that has good prospects for promotion. Although you may have to start at the bottom of a company’s hierarchy, it should be easy for you to work your way up.

3 - German economy

There’s no better place to be studying business than in one of the strongest economies in Europe. The strong economy means that there’s a continual stream of English-speaking, educated workers who are highly sought after by employers.

You also have the geographic advantage of being at the center of the EUs single market, so you have good access to other countries across Europe.

4 - German R&D investment

Germany is a big investor in research and development, spending over €80 billion to support research institutions across the country.

This investment benefits business students as it means they have access to exceptional professional training and research opportunities at German universities.

5 - Innovation

Germany has a very strong entrepreneurial spirit that is complemented by a very transparent and efficient employment environment - making it the perfect place for any student looking to start their own business.

It’s an innovative country that is home to some of the most exciting start-ups of the moment like Babbel, N26, and Ecosia.

6 - Networking

Studying business in Germany provides a great opportunity to network with fellow students who share the same interest as you.

A lot of business study programmes also include business projects, where you’re able to work directly with big German companies. This will help you to network with industry professionals which will come in very useful when you start looking for jobs after graduation.

Find out why networking in college is important

7 - Stay in Germany afterward 

Once you finish your business studies, it’s a simple process to extend your residence permit or get a work visa to stay in the country.

By having a business degree, you probably won’t have to wait very long to find a job and you’ll have plenty of options open to you.

Find out more about why you should study business administration


If you weren’t already sure about coming to Germany to study, we hope that this article proved just how much of a good decision it will be for you.

If you’re ready to start your study journey in Germany, check out the undergraduate and postgraduate programmes we offer at CBS. If you’d like any more information or some advice, please get in touch with one of our friendly student advisors.

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