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Successful networking in college goes a long way! Here are some simple tips for our students:

One of the most important actions you can take in college is called networking. You have likely heard of networking by now and know that it involves meeting the right people who can help you currently or in the future with your career goals. "Do you know someone who...?" Networking is the basis for many shortcuts in professional life. Studying is the best chance to make lifelong business contacts and friendships for later even before you start your career. Looking for a job? With a large network, you increase your chances of being approached by companies or recommended by your network. At the same time, networking provides you with valuable contacts to experts that you would never find through an internet search. This becomes important when you have to put together a new team at work or you have to find competent and trustworthy service providers very quickly. So, it is important that you get to know many relevant people through networking and also get yourself into the conversation. You should start your professional networking during your time in college. Part of the network is automatic: at CBS, these are your fellow students from around 75 countries, your lecturers, the professors, the alumni as well as the numerous companies and organisations with which you will come into contact at CBS. You might even find mentors! AT CBS great networking opportunities lie at your feet. 

Tips: This is why networking in college is important and why it pays off!

1. Start, expand, and maintain your own international network.

You already have a network at home, through family, friends, and school. But this network is strongly regional and not focused on your career. Studying at CBS enables you to build up your own network focusing on your profession. This network can become global: at CBS you will get to know many students from all over Germany and the world, and during a semester abroad you have the opportunity to further expand your network. Keep in mind, that networking and maintaining your network is a task that requires a lot of effort and time. If you meet someone at an event, send them an email afterwards. Even if they don't have your perfect position open at the moment, let them know you appreciate the time they took to talk to you. Actively doing this will pay off in the long run.

2. Networking gives you insights and broadens your knowledge base

You learn a lot during your studies at the CBS, but you cannot specialise in everything. Your fellow students and fellow graduates feel the same way. Networking in college gives you the opportunity to share knowledge with each other and learn new insights. So Actively networking on campus gives you many insights into many other degree programmes. This will broaden your knowledge, give you the opportunity to share your knowledge, and give you valuable contacts that you may need right after graduation or a few years down the road. An old networking rule: You never know when you will need your network, but when you do, it's priceless.

3. Networks could pave the way to employment

Many top jobs are awarded through recommendations and relationships. They are the first source for recruiting and only afterward are the services of personnel departments or head-hunters used. The reason is simple: when filling top positions, mistakes should not happen, because they can be expensive. It is better to take someone you already know. To be recommended, however, you have to be known. Contacts to current and aspiring managers as well as HR departments are therefore important.

Contacts who do not work at the management level are also interesting. Maybe you see an interesting job at a company where a contact of yours works. You can at least ask this contact if you and the company could be a good match and how to get through the recruiting process successfully.

4. Networking also works off-campus.

College sport is an excellent opportunity to get to know students from other universities. Because an important factor in networking is common ground. The common ground could be based on professional or personal interests. Competitions in particular are ideal opportunities to get into a conversation with new people who want to follow a similar career path as you.

5. Networking is a soft skill.

You will need the art of networking throughout your life, at work, and in your private life. Imagine your first day at work in an international company with 100,000 employees: Without networking skills, working on your own career will be difficult. At CBS, you can learn and practice networking. This is possible, for example, at networking events or during business projects - and even during a coffee break between lectures. It is even better if you get personally involved and help organise student activities. It gives you the chance to get to know people and, most importantly, to invest in making yourself known. This is always useful because you want people to talk positively about you for years to come.

6. You can learn a lot about networking.

Active networking is always a balancing act. You will notice this when you have your own network. Because some people use networking as a clumsy acquisition tool. You will be largely spared this during your studies, but you will gain important experience that will help you separate the wheat from the chaff later on. You will notice: If someone just wants to sell you something or asks you directly for a job, it can be quite annoying. If someone offers you something that is interesting for you, like knowledge or contacts, then you are more open.

7. Access to the Career Center is valuable.

Networking is the ticket, but you have to go your own way. The CBS Career Service supports you with tips, information, andworkshops on topics such as writing convincing applications or how to use LinkedIn successfully.

8. Join the CBS Alumni Network

After graduation, you automatically belong to CBS Alumni, a valuable pool of contacts. Use the opportunity there to get in touch with the younger cohorts. After all, you may be in a management position at some point in which you yourself will be looking for young talents. It is then very practical if you know other talented CBS graduates and can approach them directly.


The Career Service

As a networking hub, the CBS Career Service is the interface between CBS, the business world, and the students. The exclusive CBS job portal is used by companies to recruit CBS students. At the Career Service events, you have the opportunity to make personal contacts with representatives or even the founders of many successful companies.


The CBS Alumni Network

The CBS alumni network facilitates and promotes contact and the exchange of experiences between thousands of graduates, professors, lecturers, and current students. Network with alumni when they are back at the university for events or (guest) lectures - alumni also often use their connection to the CBS for recruiting.


Entrepreneurship on campus

Studying at CBS not only prepares you for career opportunities at prestigious companies. We also support you so that you can eventually start your own company. Entrepreneurship is part of our DNA. Take advantage of the student initiative "CBS Founders Factory", where you can make plans with like-minded people. CBS is also the management office of the hochschulgründernetz cologne e.V. (hgnc) and thus offers support, advice, and a strong network of experts for students who want to start their own business. This also includes support in applying for start-up grants such as EXIST.


Networking during Business Projects

Business Projects are always part of studying at CBS. During Business Projects, you work on real tasks that companies or NGOs give to CBS. The companies hope for fresh ideas from students at a first-class business school. And of course, the Business Projects also serve networking purposes: You get to know a company and its management members and have the opportunity to showcase your knowledge and skills. The cooperation with companies and interdisciplinary cooperation with fellow students is even more intensive if you join our student consultancy conCBS.


Practice partners & cooperations

The list of CBS partner companies includes multiple German and international companies in numerous sectors such as consulting, trade, industry, digital economy, start-ups, consumer goods, finance, media, and many more. Take advantage of guest lectures, expert talks, workshops, excursions, networking and recruiting events to connect with potential future employers.

Expand your network through the integrated internship

CBS stands for linking academic knowledge and practice. Internships are a fantastic way to gain practical experience. That is why internships are integrated into the full-time degree programmes leading to a Bachelor's or Master's degree. The Career Service helps you to find internships and to make your application unique and appealing. An internship is an ideal career springboard and a great networking opportunity. Learn more!

Gain International Experience with an Internship Abroad

You want to gain practical experience and improve your language and communication skills at the same time? Then an internship abroad is just the right thing for you! Take the chance to gain practical experience during your studies at CBS and think outside the box. Learn more!

Events & Information Sessions

At CBS events you will find plenty of networking, exchange opportunities. This already starts before your studies with the (online) study advisory and the (virtual) Open Campus Day. During your studies, you can look forward to in-house career events, where companies introduce themselves exclusively to CBS students.

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