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CBS International Business School, 10 July 2020

Study abroad experiences: Studying at the University of California Los Angeles


City of stars - and of students: In addition to its image as a film city, the greater Los Angeles area is also known as a major educational centre with over 110 colleges and universities. Many of these institutions enjoy an excellent reputation, most notably the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA). These were ideal conditions for our bachelor's student Careena Menzel to deepen her PR and communication skills for her business psychology studies. She will tell you about her experiences during her semester abroad and at UCLA in our quick check.

You can experience this at the University of California and in Los Angeles

1. Optimal learning atmosphere

"During my semester I decided to study the subjects "Leadership Communication Strategies", "Customer Relationship Management" and "Introduction to Public Relations". My professors were extremely helpful and always available to answer questions after class. UCLA also offers wonderful learning spaces with several libraries across campus."

2. Hollywood flair

"One of the oldest theatres in Los Angeles is in Westwood. With a bit of luck, you might get tickets for world premieres at the Fox Theater, which you can watch with the actors. In downtown Los Angeles there is also the open-air cinema "Rooftop Cinema Club". The sound is played over headphones while you watch the movie on deck chairs. Be sure to visit Disneyland, which is only an hour's drive from Los Angeles!"

3. Campus sport

"Attending UCLA sporting events is a great way to get involved in campus culture. I attended one of UCLA's basketball games at the Pauley Pavilion and had a great time there!"

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Would you like to spend a semester abroad in California? You should be prepared for this

1. Another grading system

"At UCLA, your final grade for a course is made up of many individual grades. More specifically, the average of your scores for class participation, midterm-exams, homework, and presentations will determine your final grade.

2. Flat share instead of apartment

"I shared an apartment with another girl, which is typical of Westwood. The rents are very high here. I paid $935 rent per month - but that didn't include utilities. There are cheaper apartments on the outskirts of the city, but public transportation in Los Angeles is rather unreliable. It is better to live close to the city centre. You can also find good housing in Facebook groups like "UCLA Housing, Rooms, Apartments, Sublets".

3. Evening seminars

"I took three classes of 4 credits each in order to meet the CBS requirements for the semester abroad. My classes were held once a week for three hours. Most extension courses took place in the evening from around 19.00 to 22.00. Even if my concentration then waned, it gave me the opportunity to explore Los Angeles during the day."

My conclusion:

"My semester abroad at UCLA was just fantastic! There is an incredible amount to discover in Los Angeles - it never gets boring here. If you are looking for a practical course of study and want to experience one of the most exciting cities in the world, UCLA is the right place for you!

More information on the CBS semester abroad at: Careena Menzel

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