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The CBS is developing into a respected international business school and one of the leading private universities in Europe. Our ambitious educational concept based on high quality and scientific competence in research and teaching meets this demand and is the basis for a substantial growth in our student numbers in the future. Employability and lifelong learning are very important at the CBS. We develop our students into competent and responsible decision-makers who take their social role seriously and find solutions for the economic problems of our time. The CBS is considered to be a mastermind of a new understanding of management. We support our students with a network of alumni and corporate partners in order to stimulate the continuous exchange between practice, science and society. Over the last ten years, we have succeeded in successfully establishing aspects of sustainable management in all areas of teaching and research. The experience we have gained in this area serves as a basis for expanding our research and teaching approach to include content from digitization. Thus, the two areas of sustainable management and digitization are at the core of our research work - this is expressed in the concept of "Corporate Digital Responsibility". A further adjustment of the CBS research clusters is also required by the introduction of further B.Sc. and M.Sc. programs in all departments. These programs will bring the "Education & Methods" research cluster more clearly into the focus of our research activities.