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Accommodation for International Students in Mainz


Your new home in Mainz Germany - Living in Mainz as a student

Studying at CBS Campus Mainz also means living and finding accommodation in Mainz. Being home to several universities and enjoying great popularity as a vibrant student city, Mainz now houses more than 40,000 students, who equally appreciate the range of the urban environment and tranquility of the Rhine-Hessian surroundings.

The demand for shared flats, apartments, and rooms in dormitories is correspondingly high and the search for housing may take a little longer. In order for you to find your new home in Mainz as quickly and easily as possible and feel completely at ease, we have compiled some helpful tips for your student accommodation search.

You can furthermore find information on the advantages and disadvantages of various types of housing described by an CBS in a blog artikel.

How do I choose the right student accommodation when living in Mainz?

Before you start looking for student accommodation in Mainz, it will be helpful to ask yourself some questions in order to figure out what type of housing is suitable for you:

  • What is my budget?

  • Do I want to live alone or in a shared apartment?

  • Do I want a furnished or unfurnished room/apartment?

  • How much commuting time is acceptable to me?

In Germany, you can choose between different forms of student accommodations ranging from student dormitories to single apartments, or shared flats.
Rental prices vary depending on the housing option you choose. Having a monthly rent budget of around 400 € should be a good basis to start your search for accommodation in Mainz.

Beware of Scammers!

Never transfer money to a stranger without having contacted personally before. Never transfer money especially if the “landlord” tells you that they are not in the country but that they will send you the keys by post (or a friend/family member) after you have them the requested amount of money. This is most likely a scammer! In any case of doubt, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Avoid temporally limited student accomodations

Please do not book temporally limited accommodations with a daily booking system, such as Airbnb/Wimdu/, etc. for your whole period of stay. These kinds of accommodations do not count as an official residence to the migration authorities and you will not be able to register with the authorities and/or prolong your visa to a residence permit (even if you are renting a room for a longer period of time)!

First days of living in Mainz and emergencies

If you are arriving at Mainz and still do not have any accommodation, don’t worry, Mainz has several good options to offer – also in case of an emergency!
These are some of the hotels we can recommend to pass the first days after your arrival in Mainz:

Private Student Apartments

Mainz has several private student residences. These vary slightly from offer to offer. Take a look at the different options:


DIE ZIMMEREI operates apartment houses with comfortable single apartments that are specially tailored to the needs of students. All apartments are equipped with furniture, a kitchen, and have their own spacious bathroom. They offer different single apartments for one person only, but also bigger apartments that can be shared by two individuals.


With three different buildings and more than 500 housing options, Vegis Immobilien offers a vast variety of accommodations. The apartments are offered as furnished or not furnished and have some common rooms in the residences. Website only in German.


Smartments offers little student apartments and shared flats. They are basically equipped, fully furnished, and ready to move in.

Short Term Student Accommodations

Here you can find some sites that offer reliable short-term accommodations and are accepted by the authorities as a residence during your period of stay at CBS.

Interlodge Mainz

Interlodge Mainz offers fully furnished apartments from private landlords. They are always fully furnished and ready to move in. This agency works commission-free and is perfect for short term rental periods starting from two months and up. Website only in German.

City Home

Quality over quantity accommodations is their main business. All properties are almost fully equipped, so you do not need to bring anything except for your suitcase. They work commission-free. The website and rental agreements are offered in English.


Wunderflats offers fully furnished apartments with WiFi that can be booked online. The portal only deals with verified landlords. Students are released from paying commission fees and there is a Support Team ready to help in any situation


On this site, you can find fully furnished apartments with WiFi. They are easily bookable online. All the offers are from verified landlords and the HousingAnywhere Team offers you immediate support in case of any issue. The website is available in several languages.

Websites with Private Offers for student accommodation

Apart from the presented possibilities, you can also search for accommodation on the free housing market. However, please keep in mind the following information:

  • The offers on the following sites are from private property owners whom we do not know in person and do not work together with. Therefore, we are not accountable for any agreement signed between you and the private property owners. We do not recommend searching for an apartment through these sites while still being abroad. Most of the apartments offered there are not furnished. The shown pictures are just samples from the previous tenants.

  • The given rental price usually does not include ancillary costs such as water, heating, electricity, internet, etc.

  • Please be aware of scammers. In case of doubt, do not hesitate to contact us:


The website is available in English. Once you are in the list of available flats/apartments/rooms, be careful not to select one that does not say „Immoscout“.


On social media - especially Facebook - you can find some groups also offering different housing options. As well as with the websites above, please be very careful with the options offered through these sites.

Further links for your search for a student accomodation:

There are other sites available to search for accommodation in the free market, that offer all kinds of housing options to different conditions. If you want to rent an apartment/room through these websites, please check everything in detail.

Do you have any questions?

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.