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Your new home in Potsdam Germany

Studying at CBS Campus Potsdam also means living and finding an accommodation in Potsdam. Potsdam is home to several universities and enjoys great popularity as a lively student city.

The demand for shared flats, apartments and rooms in student residences is correspondingly high and the search for a domicile may take a little longer. In order for you to find your new home in Potsdam as quickly and easily as possible and to feel completely at home, we have compiled some helpful tips for you on the search for apartments and shared apartments.

In addition, you will find information on the advantages and disadvantages of different types of housing, which a CBS student described in a blog article.

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How do I choose the right student accommodation when living in Potsdam?

Before you start looking for an apartment in Potsdam, it is helpful to ask yourself a few questions to find out which type of apartment is right for you: 

  • What is my budget?

  • Do I want to live alone or in a shared apartment?

  • Do I want a furnished or unfurnished room/apartment ?

  • How much commuting time is acceptable for me?

In Potsdam, you have the choice between different types of student dormitories to single apartments or shared apartments.

Rental prices vary depending on the housing option you choose. A monthly budget of 500-600 € is a good basis to start looking for accommodation in Potsdam.

Beware of scammers!

Never transfer money to a stranger without contacting them first. Never transfer money, especially if the "landlord" tells you that he is not in the country, and that he will send you the keys by mail (or through a friend/family member) after you have transferred the requested amount. This is most likely a scam! For students who are looking for accommodation from other cities in Germany or from abroad, we recommend using services such as the Flattrust agency. These are reliable companies that will check the apartment for you and inform you if it is a trustworthy offer or not.
In case of doubt, please do not hesitate to contact us at the following e-mail address:

Your first days living in Potsdam!

If you arrive in Potsdam without finding a place to stay, don't worry and don't panic, Potsdam and neighboring capital Berlin offer several good and financially viable accommodation options - even in emergencies!

Hostels & Hotels in Potsdam

Hostels & Hotels in Berlin

Private Student Apartments

There are several private student residences and apartments in Potsdam. These vary slightly from offer to offer. Take a look at the different options:

YOUNIQ – Berlin

YOUNIQ  operates apartment houses with comfortable single apartments specially designed to meet the needs of students studying in Germany.
All apartments are equipped with furniture, a kitchen, and a spacious bathroom. In addition, they offer various apartments for one person, but also larger apartments that can be shared by two.


Smartments offers small private and shared student apartments. The student accommodations are equipped with basic facilities and are ready to be occupied immediatley.


DIE ZIMMEREI operates apartment houses for students with high expectations for style and living quality. The modern apartment building is located about 7km away from CBS Campus. It offers a good connection to the inner city while still being in close proximity to multiple parks and lakes. All rooms are fully furnished and contain a kitchen and a bathroom. Depending on budget an expectation, DIE ZIMMEREI offers rooms in all sizes, ranging from <20sqm to <40sqm.

Campus wohnen Potsdam

The Campus-Wohnen Potsdam operates furnished micro-apartments near the train station and the city center. The offered student apartments include shared rooms and single apartments. All student apartments have a fully equipped kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom. In addition, the apartments are located in a central location and CBS campus can be reached in 15-20 minutes by bike.

The Twenty

The Twenty offers over 400 student apartments in three different sizes. Each apartment has a mini kitchen, a private bathroom, and a furnished bedroom. The apartments are located in the Golm district, 15 minutes by regional train from the city center.


How8 offers smart-living student apartments close to the Potsdam-Babelsberg subway station making the campus and the city center very accessible. The apartments are fully equipped and furnished.

Base Camp

Base Camp offers furnished student rooms with own equipped bathrooms in the Golm district. Most rooms have a small kitchen, others offer access to a shared kitchen.

Short term student accommodation

Here you can find some websites that offer approved short-term accommodation and are recognized by the authorities as a place of residence during your time living in Potsdam

Potsdam Apartments

Potsdam Apartments offers inexpensive furnished rooms on a temporary basis. The apartments are fully equipped and can also be rented for only a few weeks. In addition, the apartments are located in a central location with optimal transport connections.

Coming Home

Coming Home offers a quick and easy search method to find temporary apartments in Potsdam and Berlin. The Coming Home team will help you from the first viewing to the verified rental contract. In addition, they offer a personal consultation and the possibility to book an apartment already online. All apartments are fully furnished.

Tourismusverband Potsdam

Tourismusverband Potsdam operates different types of rooms and apartments in buildings and vacation homes. All apartments are furnished and fully equipped.


Wunderflats Portal offers fully furnished student apartments with WiFi. Wunderflats works only with verified landlords. Students are exempt from paying pre-commission fees and there is a support team ready to help in any situation.


Housinganywhere offers fully furnished student apartments with WiFi. There is a possibility to book the apartment easily online. All offers are from verified landlords and the HousingAnywhere team offers immediate assistance in case of problems.

Websites with Private Offers for student accommodation

In addition to the accommodation options already mentioned, you can also look for suitable accommodation for you on the free real estate market. However, please note the following information:

  • The offers on the following websites are from private property owners, with whom we have no cooperation. Therefore, we are not liable for any contracts concluded between you and the private property owner. We recommend that you do not search for an apartment through these websites while you are still abroad or in another city.

  • Most of the offered apartments are not furnished. The shown photos of the apartments are only examples of the previous tenants.


The website is available in English. When you are on the list of available apartments/flats/rooms, make sure that you select an apartment that does not say "Immoscout" on it. Here is the link to the Webseite.


In social media - especially on Facebook - you can find some groups that also offer different housing options. Similar to the websites mentioned above, you should be very careful with the offers made through these sites.

Further useful links for your search for a student accommodation

There are other available websites to search for student accommodation on the free housing market, which offer all kinds of accommodation at different conditions. If you want to rent an apartment/room from these providers, please check everything in detail.

Surrounding areas of Postdam

Alternatively, you can search for accommodation in the surrounding areas of Potsdam such as the capital city of Berlin.

  • Apartments/rooms can be more expensive and in high demand.

  • Berlin and Potsdam are 25-35 minutes away by regional train.

Do you have any questions?

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.