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CBS Summer Programme for International Students

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CBS Summer Programme for International Students

Summer Programme at CBS in Cologne

If you want to spend an exciting month in Cologne during the summer, come and join us from 17 June to 12 July 2024 and earn credits towards your degree.

CBS provides a summer programme that is full of opportunities for you: During your stay at CBS you can select courses from different disciplines to enhance your skills in theory and practice. Acknowledging that working successfully in an international environment requires excellent intercultural soft skills, you will work together with Bachelor and Master students from all over the world. Furthermore, you will get the chance to discover Europe and benefit from a range of extracurricular activities!

We welcome students from all institutions, at all ages and from across the world to join us.

Structure of the Programme

Join us for a 4-week programme in Cologne from 17 June to 12 July 2024 and gain up to 12 ECTS!

The summer programme is designed for highly motivated and advanced Bachelor and Master students who are at least in their second year of studies with a profound Business, Management or Engineering background.

All participants must prove an upper intermediate level (B2) of English.

Credits information:
Upon successful completion of our summer programme, you will receive a certificate with 12 ECTS credits.

Fee information:
Tuition excludes travel expenses and accommodation but includes extracurricular social activities:

6 ECTS = 900€
12 ECTS = 1.600€

01 April 2024 – extended to 30 April 2024

Application requirements:

  • Online Application

  • Proof of English language proficiency (at least B2 level or equivalent official language certificate)

  • Transcript of records

  • Copy of Passport/ European ID card

  • Passport picture

Click here to apply for the Summer Programme!

CBS will provide recommendations and suggestions for accommodation options. However, participants are not bound to these suggestions. They can choose further accommodation options in Cologne.

Study Course Plan

Some information about the study plan for the summer programme for international students

Sustainable Transformation

Basic concepts for sustainable transformation3 ECTS ? !
  • History of sustainability

  • Sustainability concepts

  • Climate justice

  • Innovation & Sustainability

  • Finance & Sustainability

  • Communication & Sustainability


Case studies for sustainable transformation 3 ECTS ? !
  • Concepts of sustainability and best practices

  • How to create climate justice in a world of nations

  • How to create sustainable economies in a globalized environment

  • How to innovate sustainably

  • How to invest sustainably

  • How to identify and avoid greenwashing

Fundamentals for Smart Cities

Framework and Infrastructures of Smart Cities3 ECTS ? !
  • Basic concepts including examples

  • Goals of Smart Cities

  • Municipal decisions: Democracy and digital participation

  • Digital infrastructures

  • Data sovereignty

  • Networking and durability of digital infrastructures

Technologies for Smart Cities 3 ECTS ? !
  • Internet of Things (and Services)

  • Big Data

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Cybersecurity

  • Robotics

  • Block Chain

European Politics and Economics

EU Politics 3 ECTS ? !
  • EU policy-making

  • Distribution of competencies in the EU

  • Important areas such as agriculture, money and currency, trade issues etc.

  • Impact on business

  • Problems of effectiveness and assessment of criteria

EU Law and Institutions 3 ECTS ? !
  • EU institutions such as The European Council, The European Parliament, The European Central Bank etc.

  • Law and law-making in Community

  • National or supranational law?

  • Direct applicability and direct effects

  • EU Competition law

  • The jurisdiction of the European Courts


Cologne – Living and learning in the Rhine Metropolis

Cologne – Student City and Multicultural Metropolis in the Heart of Europe

Known for its welcoming atmosphere, diverse population, and historic landmarks like the Cologne Cathedral, Cologne attracts more than 6 million visitors from all over the world each year. Boasting more than 1 million inhabitants, of which 95,000 alone are students, the city’s multicultural flair and numerous student-friendly amenities make it an appealing destination for those pursuing education.

Strategically positioned in the heart of Europe, Cologne offers easy access to major cities like Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, and Berlin.

Art, Culture and Carnival

Cologne boasts a rich tapestry of art and culture, exemplified by its iconic Cologne Cathedral and renowned museums. The city comes alive during its vibrant Carnival, a colorful celebration that reflects its lively spirit and strong sense of community.

Vibrant Economy

Cologne’s economy thrives as a dynamic hub, driven by diverse sectors like media, technology, and finance. Its strategic location, well-established infrastructure, and a robust business environment make it an attractive city for both local and international enterprises. This is an advantage for CBS students since industries located there are constantly searching for enthusiastic and highly motivated junior employees. 

Important documents for download: 

Dates of the Summer Programme ? !

Application deadline: 01 April 2024 – extended to 30 April 2024!

Introduction Day: 17 June 2024

  Start of lectures: 18 June 2024

End of lectures: 12 July 2024

Actvities during the Summer Programme ? !

You can download the overview of activities in the summer program here.

Costs of the Summer Programme ? !

You can download the overview of the costs for the summer program here.

You want to have a productive and inspiring summer? 

Do you have any questions?

The team at the CBS International Office is happy to assist you with all questions around studying abroad at CBS and planning your stay in Germany.