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Empowering Student Voices: Inspiring Change and Innovation through CBS Student Initiatives


What opportunities do you have to get involved at your university?

The CBS International Business School is more than just a place where you can study. It offers everyone the space to get personally involved and actively shape campus life. Discover student initiatives which you can get involved in - out of curiosity and professional interest, because you would like to contribute your talents or out of pure joy in working together. Student involvement also offers the perfect balance to your stressful university life and, along the way, you will even get to know many new fellow students with whom you can regularly exchange ideas. 

Would you like to gain practical experience during your studies? And you want to actively shape your campus? Then join one of our initiatives or simply start a new initiative yourself in the subject area that makes your heart beat faster!

What is a student initiative?

  • An association of a group of students.

  • The initiative is designed and led by students.

  • The initiative pursues a common goal.

  • There are regular meetings for interaction between members.

  • Membership is open and accessible to every student.

  • The primary goal of all initiatives is to actively shape university life.

What are the thematic areas?

There are many different subject areas that student initiatives can pursue. At the CBS International Business School, the following areas are currently covered:

  • Sport

  • Social commitment and sustainability

  • Marketing

  • Finance 

  • Management consultancy 

  • Personal and professional development

What are the reasons/benefits why you should join a student initiative?

You expand your network

You will meet fellow students from different years and study programmes and can make valuable contacts with students who have the same interests and passions as you.

You gain practical experience

During your studies, you can already bring the knowledge you have gained from the lectures into the initiative. Because you will be planning events or actions in almost all initiatives, you will gain valuable experience in the area of project planning and implementation. 

You expand your soft skills

Teamwork is an essential part of a student initiative, as all members need to find the right role and tasks to take on in the long term. 

You broaden your horizon

The fact that you meet students from different disciplines can give you a whole new stimulus. You will better understand the interaction between the different departments of a company and the interrelationships between the different sectors.

You trust in your abilities

You gain confidence in presenting your own qualifications and knowledge from the right perspective. Especially on your CV, membership in a student initiative is a good asset. 

CBS_Studierenden Parlament

Students Parliament

The StuPa has the task of representing the interests of the student body within the framework of the Higher Education Act of North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) and is the executive body of the student body entrusted with external representation. Learn more!

CBS_Corporate Identity Team

CBS Corporate Identity Team

You would like to contribute to increasing the feeling of togetherness at the CBS through diverse activities? Do you want to bring the students on the Cologne campus closer together and organise various events? And is it also important to you to increase the common good? Then the CI team is just the right thing for you! Learn more!

CBS_CSR Students Team

CSR Student Team

In your opinion, we all, but especially companies, have a responsibility towards the environment and our fellow human beings? Do you want to actively stimulate thinking and contribute to the topic of sustainability being seen as more than just a trend with the help of events? Then become part of the CSR team and actively participate in the change! Learn more!

CBS_Media Team

CBS Media Team

Are you particularly interested in the big picture of campus events? You would like to accompany every event and also have a special talent in film, photography, or other creative arts? Then the Media Team is just the thing for you! Learn more!


CBS Sports Club 

Do you love to do sports and would like to awaken the team spirit across all study programmes? You would like to join the volleyball, football, golf or running team of the CBS and are willing to represent the university at national competitions? Then become part of the Sports Club at the Cologne Campus! Learn more!

CBS_Founders Factory

CBS Founders Factory 

Can you imagine becoming self-employed at some point? Or you have already founded your own company and know the importance of a good network? Then take advantage of the benefits Founders Factory offers you and become part of the entrepreneurship community! Learn more!

CBS_Finance & Business Club

CBS Finance & Business Club

Finances, capital markets but also business topics in general make your heart beat faster? Would you like to delve deeper into this area and exchange ideas with like-minded people? Then come to the Finance & Business Club and stay up to date and bring the field closer to your fellow students in events or workshops! Learn more!

CBS_Social Media Team

CBS Social Media Club

Are you interested in content creation and social media? Do you want to develop marketing strategies and unleash your creativity? Whether you prefer to be in front of or behind the camera, we offer you the opportunity to expand your creative skills and engage with fellow students on the topics of social media. Sounds good? Become a part of the social media team now! Learn More!

None of the initiatives appeal to you?

Then simply start a new initiative yourself and present your idea to us! Feel free to contact us at