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International Innovation Management Bachelor Exchange Programme


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Study International Innovation Management at CBS in Germany


Innovation Management exchange programme in Brühl

Innovation Management is versatile and exciting degree to study at university. It’s the perfect subject if you are forward-thinking and creative and enjoy combining high-level strategy with hands-on work on new business ideas. Students that pursue this field are well-equipped to become the innovators, thinkers, creatives, and leaders of tomorrow. 

What is Innovation Management? Why is it important?

International Innovation Management is a key feature for successful business creation. It is the process of managing innovative ideas, or the way these ideas are developed and refined until they become a reality.

Today’s employees are expected to develop methods and tools for managing the complex and challenging process of innovation successfully in interdisciplinary and intercultural teams – in the technological area as well as in the business sector.

In this international innovation exchange programme, International students at CBS learn how to link technical knowledge with management skills in an international context and acquire the language skills required for their future careers when participating in our semester programme „International Innovation Management“ (IIM).

International Innovation Management is offered each year from the first half of February until the end of May. 30 ECTS will be awarded upon successful completion. The programme is completely English-taught.

What do you learn in a bachelor’s exchange programme in Innovation Management?

During your International Innovation Management exchange programme, you can select courses out of different disciplines to enhance and complement your skills in theory and practice.

Acknowledging that working successfully in an international environment also requires excellent intercultural soft skills, German Language and communication skills form another integral part of the programme. Combined, our programme allows for an interdisciplinary and profound study experience within an intercultural context, where you:

  • Learn about innovation management and how to turn technology into business

  • Learn to work effectively in teams of students from different subjects, e.g. business, technology

  • Learn how to link technical knowledge with management skills

  • Enhance your knowledge in management, economics, and marketing

  • Develop your communication and teamwork skills and knowledge of English and German

Study Course Plan

Some information about the study plan for the International Innovation Management exchange programme

Effective Innovation Management (15 ECTS)

Introduction to International Innovation Management (5 ECTS) ? !
  • Learn about the importance of International Innovation Management

  • Identify and analyse different models and types of innovation, know the keywords and definitions

  • Become aware that innovation is embedded in local and national contexts as well as in social and political processes

  • Assess the relationship between innovation and market including the aspects of marketing and product development and

  • Apply these issues in an exemplary case study

Innovation Management Methods (5 ECTS) ? !
  • Understand the Innovation Management Process

  • Know different Methods for Innovation Management and apply them in Case Studies.

  • Gain practical experience applying various Innovation Methods

  • Understand the concept of Agile Techniques

Sustainability Management (5 ECTS) ? !
  • Understand the concept of sustainability

  • Raise the critical awareness for sustainability-related topics

  • Relate sustainability and innovation

  • Apply and evaluate sustainability techniques

Turning Innovation into Success (5 ECTS)

Entrepreneurship & Business Modelling (5 ECTS) ? !
  • Expanding entrepreneurship horizon of participants

  • Getting to know entrepreneurial tools, methods, and skills

  • Understanding opportunities and challenges for entrepreneurs in the digital era

  • Learn to turn an idea into a business

  • Know and use diverse tools to develop a business plan

  • Understand the Business Canvas model y learn to use

  • Carry out a Business Canvas Model case study.

Modern Technologies (10 ECTS)

Technology Management & Scouting (5 ECTS) ? !
  • Distinguish between basic technology, key technology, and next-generation technology

  • Scan and monitor technology

  • Evaluate technology potential

  • Implement technologies

  • Organize technology management and scouting

Smart Products & Services (5 ECTS) ? !
  • Define the meaning of “smart”
    Get an idea of underlying data structures and algorithms


  • Understand different shapes of digital value-added

  • Analyze existing smart products and services

  • Analyze values and design business models

Other Skills (10 ECTS)

German Language (5 ECTS) ? !

Students will deepen their grammar and language structure knowledge and expand their lexicon. The course will build on the student’s previous knowledge.

Team Collaboration Management (5 ECTS) ? !
  • Learn how to achieve Effective Team Collaboration

  • Know and apply strategies, methods, and tools to support Team Collaboration


Why study innovation management at CBS in Germany?

CBS International Business School is a private, state-accredited university and has been awarded top rankings. Our practice-oriented exchange programme programmes teach broad skills from an international perspective.

As a small private university, we are able to quickly update our courses in order to adapt to a fast-changing world. This way we ensure that our students are always on top of the latest management trends and highly competitive in the job market.

  • We offer internationally accredited bachelor’s and master’s degrees

  • Our courses are developed in collaboration with industry and commerce

  • We are located in or close to exciting cities like Cologne, Bonn, and Düsseldorf

Innovation Management Exchange Programme: Your key benefits

  • 3.5 months duration: short and intensive study abroad experience that matches your home university’s academic calendar

  • Entirely taught in English: gives you more confidence regarding your spoken and written (academic) English language skills

  • Personal and welcoming atmosphere: small study groups with close contact with our lecturers and the international office

  • 40 ECTS on offer: pick and choose your favorite courses and acquire up to a full semester workload

  • Intercultural competence: interact and work with students from different cultural backgrounds

  • German language course (on different levels): acquire basic German language skills or work on your existing German language ability

  • Central location: Brühl located close to Cologne, is an ideal starting point to discover the Rhineland, Germany, and Europe

Semester Dates

Start of the programme in the spring semester ? !

Application deadline: 1st November

Semester 1

Introduction Week: Mid February

Start of lectures: Mid February

End of lectures: Mid May

Exam period: Mid May - End of May


Admission requirements & process for the innovation management exchange degree programme

Language requirements:

At least level B1 in English according to CEFR (Common European Framework of References for Language)

Tuition fee:

Exchange / Erasmus students from our partner universities are exempted from the tuition fee. All other students pay 2070 € for the whole programme.

Nomination & Application Deadlines

Students from international partner universities must be nominated by their home institution before starting the CBS application process.

If you want to apply as a free mover, please contact the International Office by email for your weblink to the online application form.

Nomination  & Application Deadline: 1st of November

For Erasmus+ studentsGuideline for filling in the Erasmus Digital Learning Agreement







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