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Current Research Projects: DFG Bench to business

DFG-funded Bench-to-Business programm


Frist graduate college: “Dynamic Regulation of Cellular Protein Localization”

In the first graduate college “Dynamic Regulation of Cellular Protein Localisation”, the University of Cologne, the Max Planck Society, the CBS and other project partners cooperate. The graduate college initiated by the research group of Prof. Dr. Riemer (University of Cologne) started in July 2020. Currently, despite often having high potential for an academic career, most graduates proceed with non-academic careers. After discussions with alumni and business professionals, we consider it important to provide doctoral candidates with the opportunity to prepare for this endeavor. To this end, a course to provide fundamental business skills, executed by the Cologne Business School (CBS) is planned. The course will start in the second PhD year and will consist of five modules spanning 2022/2023. Excursions to industry fairs and companies in the vicinity as well as Alumni days for which we will invite past graduates from the different groups, will further prepare students for the job market.


Second graduate college: “Template-designed Organic Electronics

In the second research training group “Template-designed Organic Electronics”, the CBS also cooperates with the University of Cologne as well as with the Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn and other project partners. This research training group was initiated by Prof. Dr. Meerholz (University of Cologne) and will start in 2021. It aims to offer comprehensive doctoral training in the field of organic electronics (OE) to meet the requirements of highly qualified and multidisciplinary specialists. Globally, OE devices such as OLEDs have already revolutionised the field of electronics; however, most of the technological progress has been achieved through empirical research and development, while fundamental knowledge is often still incomplete.

On the CBS side, both programmes are coordinated by Prof. Dr. habil Lisa Fröhlich and Prof. Dr. Julia Maintz.