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Student Initiatives: CSR Student Team

The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR Student Team)

CBS_CSR Students Team

Ecological and social sustainability in combination with economic success

The CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Student Team is a student initiative consisting of voluntary members who are interested in advancing topics such as the social and ecological responsibility of companies (e.g. fast fashion, environmental protection). With various events, the team wants to provide food for thought and initiate changes in the mindset of lecturers, employees and especially students. Even though the topic of sustainability is familiar to everyone through the general discourse, very few people seem to be familiar with the term “corporate social responsibility”.


Events with challenging content

Every year, for example, the CSR Student Team plans a Sustainability Day on a self-chosen topic on the CBS campus. On this day, presentations from various companies, discussions and get-togethers take place. The participants learn new perspectives on the topic of CSR and come into contact with interesting company representatives and potential employers.

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