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FAQ: International

Do I have to pay tuition fees at CBS during the semester abroad?


Is there a different application deadline for international students?

Yes. International students must apply by July 15 for the winter semester and November 15 for the summer semester.

As an international applicant, do I have to submit other or additional documents?

If your certificate is not in German or English, we will need a translation.

How do I know if I have to apply for a Bachelor's program or Prep4University program?

If you want to get a first assessment of whether your degree is recognized by us, please use the following portal. (This database is only available in German) or send us your documents directly via our contact form.

What happens if I am not yet in Germany when the lectures start?

Since the lectures are held digitally, for the time being, it is not a big deal if you do not have, for example, a visa at the start of the semester. In addition, the digital lectures are recorded so that you can watch them at a later time.

You do not meet the requirements for a Bachelor's degree?

In this case, you can apply for our study preparation course "Prep4University". This serves as a preparation for a degree program and takes one year. After successful completion, you will be admitted to a Bachelor's program, preferably at CBS.