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Career with Business Psychology? - Studies, Course Content, Professions & Salary


Trend profession of Business Psychology - The path from high school to dream job and everything you need to know about studying, course content, profession, and tasks as a Business Psychologist!

What courses are included in the study program? What career prospects arise from a degree in business psychology? What are the job opportunities for business psychologists? And how much do business psychologists earn? After completing your high school education, there are various opportunities available to you. Business psychology is a very popular degree program that offers many job opportunities. However, you may wonder what the program entails. You can find out about the contents of the program and the jobs and activities you can pursue later on in the following.

Study Programmes in English

Full-time Bachelor's in Business Psychology.

Full-time Master's in Business Psychology & Management.

Study Programmes in German 

Full-time Bachelor's in Business Psychology.

Bachelor in Business Psychology in Vollzeit.

Full-time Bachelor's in Business Administration and Management - Specializing in Business Psychology.

Dual Bachelor in General Management - Specialization in Business Psychology.

Full-time Master's in Business Psychology.

Part-time Master's in Business Psychology.

Psychology vs. business psychology

Many people cannot imagine anything precise about economic psychology at first. At parties, you usually hear the following reactions: "What? Are you studying psychology? Then I have to be careful! Can you look into my soul now? Do you want to treat me and are you interested in my childhood?" The reason for this is that many people commonly understand "psychology" to mean "clinical psychology," which actually deals with the diagnosis and treatment of mental illnesses such as anxiety disorders or depression. However, economic psychology has little to do with that. Quite differently, it focuses on organizations and economies and all processes that involve people, not just numbers. Source

What does a degree in business psychology look like and how is it structured?

As the name "business psychology" suggests, this is an interdisciplinary degree. This means that it deals with the aspects of two scientific fields. Economic content is combined with the components of psychology. Seen in this way, business psychologists deal with a deeper level of observation in all economic areas and processes. The standard study period for the Wirtschaftspsychologie degree at CBS International Business School is six semesters, one of which is an integrated semester abroad. This can be completed at one of our over one hundred partner universities abroad. You can find a list of our partner universities here. In addition, a mandatory internship of at least eight weeks is planned between the fourth and fifth semesters. In the last of the six semesters, the degree program includes three Wirtschaftspsychologie courses, as well as two personal skill courses in addition to the bachelor thesis.

What courses does the degree program include?

Business administration courses, such as:

  • Introduction to Business Operations

  • Mathematics 

  • Statistics

  • Financial Accounting

  • Micro- and macroeconomics

  • Cost Accounting

  • Market Research

  • Strategic Management

  • International Management

  • Personal skills

Several language courses are added. In addition to Business English, you have the opportunity at CBS to either learn another language from scratch or expand your knowledge in it.

Does the program offer specific courses in business psychology? 

Specialized courses in business psychology start from the first semester and accompany you throughout your entire studies. These courses include:

  • Introduction to Business Psychology

  • General Psychology and Research Methods

  • Human Resource Management

  • Marketing

  • Personality Psychology

  • Communication and Management Competence

  • Social Science Basics

  • Empirical Social Research

  • Social Psychology and the Workplace

  • Organisational Psychology

  • Media Psychology

  • Consumer Psychology

In addition to the specialized courses in business psychology, there are also projects and business electives. You can choose from various courses to tailor your studies to your interests.

Business psychology: perspectives after graduation

Wirtschaftspsychologists are sometimes also called organizational, business, or occupational psychologists. This diversity of specializations within the field makes it clear how varied the career opportunities are after studying it. Competencies in this field are urgently needed in all HR departments of companies, at marketing and advertising agencies, in HR and management consulting firms, in media companies, in the field of market and opinion research, and many more. After studying business psychology, you advise companies on selecting the right employees. You coach, train, and develop employees into leaders. This makes a significant contribution to the quality improvement of companies as well as to the personal development of people.

What are the job prospects in the field of business psychology?

Economic psychology is still a young and relatively unknown field among the general public. However, in the job market, economic psychologists are increasingly being sought after. At the same time, economic psychologists compete with "regular" business graduates for positions in the human resources and marketing departments of international companies. For young economic psychologists, it is therefore important to know their own competencies well and be able to present them. Those who know this and position themselves accordingly are often preferred over graduates of traditional degree programs!

What salary can one expect as a business psychologist?

Business psychologists are increasingly in demand by companies, especially in areas such as personnel development and market research. As a graduate in business psychology, you have good job prospects in this profession, as well as good career opportunities. The salary options are at least the same as for psychologists. The average starting salary for a business psychologist is 2500 euros per month. However, the development can vary widely, depending on the career opportunities a person uses. If you have several years of professional experience, you can earn a total salary of 3,000 to 5,000 euros per month. Managers can earn a monthly total income of up to 10,000 euros.

How much does a business psychologist earn? You can find further information on the topic of logistics salaries on this page.

Important qualifications and soft skills for the future profession in business psychology

Successful business psychologists are those who speak the 'language' of companies. It is also advantageous to have gained a lot of practical experience in different organizations and cultures during your studies. Graduates with extremely high social competence are in demand on the job market - that is, people who can express complicated issues in a simple way, who are approachable and relationship-oriented, and who think analytically. These competencies are precisely what make the practical application of business psychology possible.

Looking for a suitable business psychology program?

Are you interested in starting a career as an economic psychologist? At CBS, you can find a selection of full-time and part-time economic psychology degree programs. For more information, please visit our Business Psychology Study page, where you can find all our degree programs on the subject.

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