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Mudabbir Ahmed Khawaja, 9 August 2019

Study Abroad experiences: Studying at the National Chengchi University

"Ilha Formosa" (beautiful island) was named Taiwan by the Portuguese. Our student Mudabbir Ahmed Khawaja, Bachelor student in "General Management", was able to convince himself of this beauty during his semester abroad at the National Chengchi University (NCCU). He gave us his recommendations for a semester in Taipei in his study abroad experience report.

This is what you can experience at the National Chengchi University and in Taipei

1. University and more

"National Chengchi University has a huge campus with a total of ten colleges. Over 16,000 students from all over the world study there in the valley of the Maokong Mountain. As a guest student, you can not only use the six libraries on campus, but also free sports facilities such as the campus fitness studio, swimming pool and tennis court. The student clubs of the NCCU are also recommended!”

2. Starting point for other Asian countries

"Since Taiwan is not so big, the best way to discover the island is on foot. During my semester there were several national and university holidays, which I used for short trips to neighboring countries: Taiwan is ideal for exploring Japan, Indonesia or Vietnam in a few hours".

3. Taiwanese Cuisine

"The food at the Mensa is really good and offers Asian and European dishes. A menu costs between two euros for Asian dishes and ten euros for Western dishes. If you want to experience authentic Taiwanese cuisine, I recommend you visit the famous night markets!”

4. Living near the campus

"During my semester abroad, I lived in the International House, a hostel for visiting students, directly on campus. There I made contacts with students from all over the world. It only took me five minutes to get from the dormitory to the seminar building. The best thing about it is that there are many restaurants and small cafés close to the campus for a caffeine boost in between."

You can find all the information you need about the semester abroad here.

Would you like to spend a semester abroad in Taiwan? This is what you should be prepared for:

1. Huge campus area

"The university itself is about ten times bigger than the Cologne Business School and was a bit confusing for me at first. Over time, however, I found my way around well."

2. Language barrier

"English is spoken on campus, but not everywhere in Taipei. I therefore recommend that you learn some standard phrases in Chinese. Of course, you can also take a semester course at the NCCU for Internationals."

3. Taiwanese Lessons

"A seminar in Taiwan takes three hours! In the beginning it was very difficult for me to concentrate so long on the lessons, which are also mostly frontal lessons. But during the semester I got used to this rhythm."

4. Two examination phases

"The exams always take place in the middle and at the end of the semester. I had exams, group presentations, essays and weekly tests."

My conclusion:

"If you have the chance to spend a semester abroad at the National Chengchi University, you should definitely do it! My main motivation for the NCCU was to learn Chinese, but I never thought how formative the year abroad would be for me: I had to get used to the foreign environment quickly and got to know myself completely new. Those who are not afraid of such an intensive experience are in good hands at the NCCU and in Taiwan!

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Mudabbir Ahmed Khawaja

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