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Muhammed Enes Osta, 14 August 2019

Study abroad experiences: Studying at Kadir Has University


Istanbul is the economic heart of Turkey, where Europe and Asia meet geographically and culturally. Muhammed Enes Osta, a Bachelor student in the study programme „General Management”, studied for one semester at Kadir Has University in the centre of the Turkish metropolis. He gives us an overview of Kadir Has University and his study abroad experience in Istanbul'. 

This is what you can experience at Kadir Has University and in Instanbul:

1. Friendly atmosphere on campus

"The Kadir Has University is located in the centre of Istanbul directly on the Golden Horn estuary. My lecturers were very nice and explained examples to me which I did not understand because of our different cultural backgrounds. Sometimes short discussions took place in Turkish, but they were translated into English. The teaching level is similar to the CBS one. The atmosphere at the campus is really relaxed!”

2. One city, two continents

"Istanbul is an exciting city with more than 3,000 years of history. It is the only city in the world that stretches over two continents, which you can feel in your everyday life: typical oriental bazaars and hamams come upon European cafés and galleries. I can recommend the bars and cafes in Cihangir, which is a popular meeting place for young people and only 10 minutes from the university."

3. Turkish hospitality

"The Turkish students are very warm-hearted and open to foreigners. I was lucky that a student invited me to his family in Fethiye in southwestern Turkey. I was their guest for a week and were very warmly welcomed."

4. Excursions in the Study Buddy Program

"Since I had enrolled in the Study Buddy program, I had a Turkish student by my side. He helped me to get a residence permit and register for my courses. The Study Buddies are part of the ESN group who organise sightseeing tours through Istanbul, great parties and trips to Cappadocia, Bursa and Pamukkale with guest students! These offers are really worthwhile!”

You can find all the information you need about the semester abroad here.

Would you like to spend a semester abroad in Istanbul? This is what you should be prepared for:

1. Difficult apartment search without Turkish knowledges

"Kadir Has University has its own student residence for its enrolled students. As a guest student I was forwarded to a privately run dorm, but the rent were too high for me. However with a good knowledge of Turkish there are many ways to find a cheap apartment via various Facebook groups or Turkish real estate sites. My fellow student Jasko Celebic and I finally found our apartment in Cihangir via the website Here you can also place an ad, but this is only possible in Turkish".

2. Course change in the semester

"Shortly before the start of the semester, I was faced with the problem that the courses I had chosen were no longer offered. In consultation with the International Office at the CBS, I changed my courses again - it was quick and uncomplicated".

My conclusion:

"I enjoyed becoming a part of Istanbul, even if only for a short time. My semester abroad was inspiring, impressive and multicultural in the best sense of the word. I was very impressed by the openness of the people of Istanbul at the Kadir Has University and in everyday life. If you want to experience true hospitality, Turkish cuisine and cultural encounters, you can't get past Istanbul".

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Muhammed Enes Osta

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