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CBS International Business School, 24 March 2023

WiWi-Talents Award

WiWi-Talents Award

About the WiWi-Talents Program

What is the WiWi-Talents program?

The WiWi-Talents program is a programme for high potentials that promotes talents from economic fields and supports them with their future career planning.

Participating candidates are published in a WiWi-Talents Book and sent to more than 500 successful companies, allowing the talents to attract attention.

To become part of the program, participants must show exceptional achievements, international experience, future-oriented career planning and social commitment. Out of 145 applicants, 14 talents were accepted in the last round of the program. Our students Mira Knauer and Yasmin Mayer can be even more proud of themselves, as both were selected for their outstanding achievements and engagement in the winter semester of 2022/2023. 
You can find out more about the talents and the exact preconditions here.

How do I apply for the WiWi-Talents program?

Before you apply, you should first check the requirements. Even if you do not meet these requirements 100%, you should take your chance, because nothing stops you from applying. Detailed information about the application process can be found at WiWi-Talents.

About the participants

What was their motivation to participate in the program?

Yasmin and Mira are both currently completing their Master of Science in Business Psychology & Management at CBS and are also close friends. Besides studying together, the two also share an interest in diversity, feminism & female empowerment and have been actively establishing a CBS initiative, the "Women's Network", together with three other students. The goals of this initiative are to inform about important topics such as structural discrimination or the gender data gap, to make women more visible with the help of selected guest speakers and coaches, and to support them on their career paths. Mira's and Yasmin's commitment within their studies at CBS is also clearly noticeable, which is why they were selected for the CBS Mentoring Program for particularly committed female students.

Looking towards the future, they have decided to apply to the WiWi-Talents program so that they will once again be supported in achieving their goals and realizing their career plans.

What are the candidates' goals?

The first priority for both of them is to complete their master's studies at CBS in the coming months with the best possible results. After graduation, both students can imagine starting a doctorate and would like to remain active in the business world at the same time so that they do not lose touch with practical experience. Yasmin as well as Mira would like to pass on their knowledge in the further career and can therefore imagine taking up a lectureship at a university or college and in this way supporting other people on their career path.

In the long term, Yasmin is aiming for a career in consulting, but is also open to other opportunities. Mira can also imagine working in consulting in the next few years and would like to expand her knowledge in various industries during this time; in the long term, she can also imagine becoming self-employed or starting a company. Throughout their careers, both would like to pursue one personal goal: To be a role model for other women, to encourage others to pursue their goals as well, and to advocate for equal opportunity and diversity.

To what extent did studying at CBS contributed to your success?

"What helped me most was that CBS created a space by making me feel empowered and empowering others. I was able to take advantage of many opportunities such as mentoring or workshops offered through the 1U1B project. Also, I was able to get involved with others through the creation of the Women's Network. In general, I felt very supported by the professors, whether it was queries about the lecture or concerns beyond that." - Yasmin Mayer

"Looking back, I was able to develop enormously through my studies at the CBS in the last 1.5 years. On the one hand, of course, professionally, but also personally - I have the feeling that I now live my life in a much more reflective and attentive way. During my studies, the CBS offered many opportunities to get involved and participate actively. Especially the initiatives that took place as part of the "One Uni, One Book" project (from empowerment workshops to Guest Lectures to research fellowships) were very beneficial for me. I hope CBS will continue to support some of the initiatives after the project ends." - Mira Knauer

Yasmin and Mira were also made aware of the WiWi-Talents program by their professor Anja Karlshaus, President of CBS, and are grateful for this opportunity and the support they received from their lecturers during their studies.

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