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Finn Meurer, 13 February 2020

Study abroad experiences: BBA Inseec – Ecole de Commerce Européenne


A two thousand-year-old city with a creative scene in Croix-Rousse – that’s Lyon! For Finn Meurer, a student of the bachelor's programme "International Business", France's third largest city was exactly the right place for his semester abroad. His university, the BBA Inseec, is considered one of the 20 best French business schools and has been awarded the international accreditation AACSB. Finn has listed his recommendations for a semester abroad in Lyon in his quick check.

This is what you can experience at the BBA Inseec and in Lyon

1. Cultural city on the Rhône

"In Lyon you can visit about 20 museums - from cinematographic art to textile production. I recommend you buy the "Carte Jeune" for seven euros, with which you can visit almost all the important museums for one year. The Musée de Confluences is worth visiting for the trip around the planet. The Musée Gadagne also has a great collection on Lyon's history, puppet art and a nice, non-touristy café on the roof".

2. Capital of the gourmets

"If you choose Lyon as your destination for the semester abroad, you should definitely visit "Les Halles Paul Bocuse". In the large market hall you will find 60 different regional food suppliers of excellent quality. The food is just so delicious!"

3. Focus on independent learning

"The BBA Inseec has integrated numerous group projects and presentations into its curriculum, so you often have a lot of work to do in a short time. However, the workload is comparable with the group projects at CBS. “

You can find all the information you need about the semester abroad here.

Would you like to spend a semester abroad in Lyon? You should be prepared for this:

1. Knowledge of French for everyday life

"You should start to learn French early on. Many everyday situations can be handled most easily in French, as most French people still prefer to speak their mother tongue. I have noticed that although many city dwellers can speak English, they always prefer to switch to French. I think this has to do with the special position of the French language: The Académie Française watches over it and develops new words for foreign language terms. But if you don't speak French, that's not tragic either. The French are nice and will be happy to help you."

2. Attendance records in the courses

"At INSEEC BBA, great emphasis is placed on attendance at the courses and is strictly enforced. Any unexcused absence will result in failure to pass the course and will be assessed with 0 points. The same applies to unjustified delays in arriving at the courses. Sometimes a delay just has a negative effect on your overall grade - this varies from lecturer to lecturer".

3. Difficulties finding an apartment

"Finding an apartment in Lyon is quite difficult at the beginning of the semester, especially if you don't have any local contacts. Apartment prices vary between 500 and 1000 euros. You should form a "collocation" ("shared apartment") with other students. The best way to do this is to look at, the official French government networks or Airbnb. I found my flat via Airbnb in the city centre at Cordeliers station, which cost 680 euros per month. It was a good price for Lyon, but you should be careful: there are some scammers on the housing market who are after your money. A Danish student from my university had a bad experience: She lost all her money to a fraudster.”

My conclusion:

"Lyon is a beautiful city and an ideal place for a semester abroad, as the cost of living is not as high as in Paris and the city scores with a lot of culture and clubs. The BBA INSEEC offers you a varied study programme and an international campus. I can only recommend that you spend your semester abroad in Lyon and at the BBA INSEEC!”

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Finn Meurer

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