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CBS International Business School, 22 September 2017

A career in consulting


Consulting is a dream job for many college students.
Consultants seem to have a successful career path, they travel to great cities and get paid even greater. But what is the challenge you have to face when you really plan to start a career in consulting?

The great companies

There are a lot of different companies that deal with consulting: Whether it is the classic strategic management consulting or IT consulting, the expectancies are high for anyone that is willing to go through the application process.
The most prestigious consulting firms like The Boston Consulting Group or McKinsey and Company are very selective when it comes to their new Trainees, Associates and Junior Consultants. They demand not only the very best academic performances but also the majority of your time and the freedom of choosing how to fill it once you have been chosen to join them.

Usually consultants are busy four days a week spending their time on a certain project in a customer’s company. They travel there early Monday morning and get back on Thursday.
The Friday is classically an office day. Some companies may offer to spend it as a home office day.
It is no secret that consultants often work more than ten hours a day and struggle with managing their private life and free time as well as they do with their work projects.

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Career Benefits?

So what is really beneficial about working as a consultant apart from a huge lack of sleep during your working life?

They say no other work field provides so many opportunities to grow and learn in a job within such a short period of time like consulting does.
Being able to work with a highly motivated group of people that chases their goals to pursuit a certain aim is seldom to find elsewhere. Having worked for a consulting firm for only a few years will open doors for those who want to experience new branches and other jobs.
The consulting company’s clients often become the new employer of those people that have learnt the keys of management success during their consulting life.
They are appreciated as experienced specialists that have a wide range of expertise and a large perspective on things.
Consulting firms also benefit from these developments: Their alumni network builds a bond of loyal clients that will hire their former employer to help developing their business: whether you accept a job in a company of your choice or choose to be self-employed and raise up an own business.

Are you interested in consulting?

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