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Part-Time bachelor's degree in Germany: Complete your undergraduate degree alongside a job or an apprenticeship


Part-time studies intensively link theory and practice

At CBS, you can complete a part-time bachelor's degree. That means that you can pursue an undergraduate degree, studying part-time alongside a job or an apprenticeship. Would you like to continue working and earning money, while studying? or Would you like to put your new knowledge into practice right away? Here at CBS, you can do just that. We offer you the German-language part-time bachelor's degree in Business Administration "International Management" at Campus Mainz, where you can specialise in Digital Management, Sustainable Management, Business Psychology or Leadership & Management - for real expertise on an academic foundation. This opens up the diverse career paths that are only possible with a university degree! Instead of the usual six semesters for a full-time bachelor's study programme, the duration of study is eight semesters, during which you earn 180 ECTS, similar to any other undergraduate degree. A semester abroad and internships are not required. 

After successfully completing your Bachelor's degree, you can continue a part-time Master's degree in German or English at CBS - and expand your knowledge of fields related to your current areas of specialisation.

The schedule of a part-time course at a glance – Campus Cologne and Mainz

Here you can find the CBS academic calendar

  • 1 Block Weekend in September

  • Every 2. Weekend (Fridays, 18:00-21:15 & Saturdays, usually 09:00-17:30)

  • Exam Period in February

  • 1 Block Weekend in February

  • Every 2. Weekend (Fridays, 18:00-21:15 & Saturdays, usually 09:00-17:30)

  • Exam Period at the end of July



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What is a part-time bachelor's degree?

With a part-time bachelor's degree at a university, your job is the priority. The study programme therefore accompanies your job. During a part-time bachelor's degree, you can work full time, whereas in a full-time study programme you can only pursue a part-time job. The part-time bachelor's degree should therefore take place part-time after work hours or on weekends and at CBS, this is, of course, exactly how it is designed. Lectures take place every other weekend, on Friday evenings and all day on Saturdays. The winter semester begins with a weekend in September and runs until February. After the exam period in February, the summer semester begins. In addition, you should plan enough time for studying. So it may be worth considering reducing your workload at work a little. Some employers find such further qualifications particularly good and support part-time studies, for example, through a subsidy for tuition fees, the possibility of reducing weekly working hours, or additional unpaid leave. What students often tell us is that they can incorporate the contents of their studies immediately and very well into their professional practice, which increases the learning effect.

Part-time bachelor's degree: Study part-time while working

If you are still in the orientation phase as to whether you want to do an apprenticeship, a degree, or both in succession, there is a very interesting alternative: part-time studies. Instead of first doing a commercial apprenticeship (IHK) for two and a half or three years and then studying for three years, you can compress both into four years: Do a normal dual training programme in a company, including vocational school, and complete a part-time bachelor's degree at the same time. Because many basic business subjects overlap at least partially with the content of the vocational school, your learning load is not doubled. The big advantage, however, is that you combine practice and theory in the best possible way, and in the end, you receive your Bachelor's degree.

Should I go to a university or do an Apprenticeship? Why not both?

In Germany, you have a great opportunity of dual education. You learn a profession in a company, and at the same time, you learn the theoretical and vocational foundation in a vocational school. The practice in the company provides you with valuable work experience. Since the training content is the same in every apprenticeship, it is recognised everywhere - regardless of the training company. This makes it easier to change jobs in the future. After training, you can acquire titles such as Fachwirt (business administrator), Meister (master craftsman), or Techniker (technician) through further training. However, in many companies and in the public sector there is a glass ceiling: attractive management positions are either impossible or exceedingly difficult to obtain without a degree. Formal education also pays off in salary negotiations, both for positions that are still within the range of collective agreements and for non-tariff positions. So pursuing an additional degree can be a very wise investment for your entire career path. The combination that an apprenticeship offers also has the advantage that you get familiar with both the strategic thinking of management and the operational situation in the workforce. 

What to choose: Work or University - How about both!

Studying full-time alongside a full-time job is almost impossible. Studying Part-time, on the other hand, is quite feasible. Although you will invest at least half of your weekends in your studies for four years and also study during the week and on holiday, you will have the chance to obtain a Bachelor's degree at the end, which can bring you much further in your career. In addition, the study programme is very practical. Ideally, your current job, career aspirations, and study programme will all fit together seamlessly. You can further sharpen your qualifications by specialising, for example in digitalisation or psychology. 

Pursue a part-time bachelor's degree while working: What are the advantages?

With a part-time bachelor's business degree programme, you get best of both worlds.  Practical experience and theoretical knowledge at the same time. The first semester is about Business Law, which you will often need in your job. In the second semester, Business English is on the agenda, from which you will benefit directly, as well as from topics such as Bookkeeping and Accounting. Human Resource Management, a part of the third semester, introduces you to HR topics that are in demand in every management position and in every business. In the fourth semester, in addition to Marketing and Supply Chain studies, you will also learn presentation techniques that you will need internally and externally in your career. From the fifth semester onwards, you choose your specialisation. In the eighth semester, you write your Bachelor's thesis - ideally in your own company, which makes it easier to find a topic. 

Because you demonstrably and automatically gain a lot of practical experience while working, you don't have to complete internships during your studies. One of the best advantages of a part-time bachelor's degree is the fact that you graduate with a four years of professional working experience.

Part-time bachelor's degree: What are the requirements?

The higher education entrance qualification alone is not enough to be able to study at the CBS. In order for us to be able to make you an offer for a study place, you must first apply and then successfully pass the assessment day. If you would like to study alongside an apprenticeship, you can decide for yourself when you sign an apprenticeship contract. Many students first look for a training position, discuss the plan of a part-time study programme with the company and then apply to CBS. But don't it the other way around is also possible.

Part-time bachelor's degree: Career paths

After graduating with a Bachelor's degree, you have the combination of practical experience and theoretical knowledge. This automatically gives you a competitive advantage over other applicants who have graduated with just a standard degree programme. With a part-time bachelor's degree at CBS, you can benefit from our high-quality study programmes, as well as our first-class student services. The CBS Career Service, which maintains good contacts to the business world and always has good career tips, will be more than happy to assist and support you in your career planning. 

Your path to a part-time bachelor's degree:

  • Find and apply for an appropriate company

  • Received confirmation and sign apprenticeship contract with the company

  • Complete your application for a study spot at the CBS

  • Successfully complete the Assessment Day at the CBS

  • Receive, sign and return your CBS study contract

  • Complete your application for a study spot at the CBS

  • Successfully complete the Assessment Day at the CBS

  • Receive, sign and return your CBS study contract

  • Find and promote training companies

  • Find and apply for an appropriate company

  • Received confirmation and sign apprenticeship contract with the company

Alumni Testimonials_Oliver Kiderle

"The focus on internationality and practical skills have had a very positive influence on my development at Google. Especially the structured and very versatile project work, which is often found at a private school, was extremely helpful."

Oliver Kiderle

EMEA Regional Product Expert
Google Inc.
Alumni Testimonials_Patrick Stein

"The strongly practice-oriented studies and the international orientation of the CBS, as well as the lectures held in English, were an absolutely necessary basis for starting a career with a renowned, international company."

Patrick Stein

Head of Human Resources
Boston Consulting Group
Alumni Testimonials_Katrin Rieger

"The practical learning in small groups prepared me optimally for today's project and team work. The CBS provided me with the decisive soft skills and current knowledge from the world of business."

Katrin Rieger

Bereichsdirektorin Reisevertrieb Deutschland / Vice President Sales
HanseMerkur Krankenversicherung
Alumni Testimonials_Kalle Kenkel

"My studies at CBS prepared me for a career in today's dynamic, global work environment. As one's origin and physical location become less and less decisive, it has become increasingly important to have a multinational network and adapt quickly to various cultures and environments."

Kalle Kenkel

Trainee Performance Marketing
RTL Mediengruppe

"Above all, practice-oriented learning and soft skills made it easier for me to enter the professional world and I still benefit from this today. Internationality, learning in small groups and soft skills were then and still are my main reasons for choosing the CBS."

Henriette Hellwig-Stieger

Senior Consultant
Compass GmbH
Alumni Testimonials_Philip Kollmann

"Especially the soft skill courses have been of great help for my performance in job interviews. Through my work in the Finance and Business Club I have built up a broad network and acquired project management skills that have enabled me to score points with companies."

Philip Kollmann

Wayne´s Coffee Deutschland
Alumni Testimonials_Julia Hack

"My studies at the CBS have given me a very good basis, which helps in many ways with a start-up - be it with financial planning or marketing strategy."

Julia Hack

Green for me
Alumni Testimonials_Florian Schuhmacher

“In addition to an excellent academic education CBS provides its students with all the necessary tools and instruments they need to allow them to take responsibility and shape their future in an international environment.”

Florian Schumacher

Programme Director and Senior Consultant
Alumni Testimonials_Christoph Rosenbaum

"The Management Studies programme prepares you thoroughly for the tasks of a consultant. In particular, the development of presentation techniques as well as analytical thinking is of enormous importance in the everyday life of a consultant."

Christopher Rosenbaum

Ernst & Young GmbH Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft

"The CBS taught me the essential professional basics for this with realistic and up-to-date lectures."

Christian Böhmer

Strategic Analysis Manager
Oman Oil Company S.A.O.C
Alumni Testimonials_Britta Jansen

"The CBS is an internationally oriented and very practically orientated university which prepared me very well for the professional world through the compulsory internship, the courses offered and the required project/group work."

Britta Jansen

HR Business Partner
HRS Group
Alumni Testimonials_Neil Jordaan

"Many professors shared their professional business experience with us in class and were able to illustrate dry theory with practical examples. I also enjoyed the international atmosphere on campus."

Neil Jordaan

Global Content Manager
Bayer AG

Part-time Bachelor's in Mainz in Germany

We offer the part-time Bachelor's programme in Mainz. It would make sense for you to live in Mainz or somewhere nearby, as you will be there every other weekend. Frankfurt is just 40 minutes away by S-Bahn, Mannheim is only a little further away, Darmstadt is easy to reach, Stuttgart or Cologne are also just an hour and a half train ride away from Mainz. In addition, the CBS campus in Mainz is located in the direct vicinity of the Südbahnhof, making it very accessible through public transportation. 

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