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CBS International Business School, 5 March 2020

Study abroad experiences: Studying at the University of Hertfordshire


Close to London and beautiful countryside: The university town of Hatfield attracts students from all over the world. They can enjoy all the cultural advantages of the capital being located just 30 minutes away without having to pay the high cost of living. The University of Hertfordshire (UH) also enjoys an excellent reputation in teaching and research, which Anna Maria Steffens, a student of the bachelor's study programme in "International Business", was able to convince herself of. Her experience at UH and she tells us more about her experience in this study abroad experience report.

This is what you can experience at UH and in Hatfield

1. Personal atmosphere on campus

"The professors and the staff in the service departments took very good care of us. Whatever your concerns, all faculty members will help you."

2. Nice destinations around Hatfield

"St. Albans is a beautiful city which you can reach by bus in 20 minutes. Every Wednesday and Saturday there is a farmers' market that you should definitely visit. The Cathedral Church of St Albans is also worth a visit. You can reach London in only 40 minutes by train. If you are two or more people, you can take a group ticket, which will cost you less than £9 per person.”

3. Free sports and leisure activities

"The UH organises various events for international students. You can join a society, a sports team or the gym. I particularly liked the activities on offer at Active Students. There were free activities every week for which you didn't have to bring your own equipment or register. Just come along and get started!”

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Would you like to spend a semester abroad in England? You should be prepared for this

1. Long course duration

"All business and language courses take place on the de Havilland Campus. The courses are structured somewhat differently than at CBS. You always have a 60 minute lecture and (usually on another day) a 60 minute tutorial. My Spanish course was even taught as a 3-hour seminar. In the tutorials I was able to apply the theory which I really enjoyed. “

2. Limited dormitory places

"You should apply for accommodation on campus, as soon as you have your student number. The places for international students are limited. I lived on the College Lane campus, which had new buildings and nicely furnished apartments. There were twelve of us in the apartment. I had a small furnished room and shared the bathroom with my neighbour. I paid a total of nearly 3,800 € in rent for the semester (4 months).”

3. Easy course changing

""If you decide that you want to change courses, you can do so without any problems in the first three weeks. Just go to Studynet, find the module you want and sign up for the new one.”

My conclusion:

"I could not have made a better choice than to spend my semester abroad at the University of Hertfordshire! What excited me most was the commitment of the professors and the service staff. I can warmly recommend UH to anyone who would like to go to England!”

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