Master of Arts in IB - Strategic Management & Consulting

Consulting Experts in Cologne

In order to be successful today companies need to be able to adapt their strategy to ever changing circumstances. Ongoing globalisation and technological change impose new challenges on them. That is why experts in the field of strategic management and consulting have become indispensable. The goal of this study track is to build solid pillars of your career with focus on courses that enable you to get an insight into the strategic management processes. You will develop an understanding of the management consulting industry and profession. What is more, we provide you with a toolkit, a universal set of analytical, problem solving and decision-making approaches. Through the whole course of studies, you will be encouraged to apply these tools to solve complex strategic problems.

Putting Theory into Practice

The degree programme course takes account of circumstances such as the increasing interweaving of the world economy due to globalisation and the emphasis placed on export within the German economy. Professors with several years' work experience and lecturers with an international background teach the critical business subjects at our university. You study economics topics within an international context in main seminars in all semesters, where you penetrate and process the problems academically, by means of case studies and course work. In the third semester, you have the opportunity to deepen your knowledge in two further elective economics subjects.

Broad qualification

To prepare you in the best possible way for a successful career entry, it is necessary to already gain practical experience during your academic studies. Between the second and third semester you will be able to put your theoretical knowledge into practice during an eight-week internship. Of course you can also do your internship abroad and strengthen your foreign language skills at the same time. The courses and seminars are also designed to be very practical. Professors always discuss current issues and trends of the industry and apply theory in practical case studies. A Business Project as well as a Business Simulation Game give you the opportunity to put your theoretical knowledge to the test.

International and Intercultural

Besides completing the study programme completely in English, you also have the opportunity to learn or inprove another foreign language. Depending on the voting behaviour of the students we usually offer courses in languages such as French and Spanish. In courses such as Advanced Intercultural Team- and Self-Management you will strengthen your personal and intercultural competences.

Competent consultancy

Curious about the Master of Arts? Why not make an appointment for non-binding course guidance services and clarify your questions regarding the study schedule, examinations, scholarships and financial aids. During the lecture period, you are also welcome to attend courses from all the degree subjects we offer and to gain your own personal impression within the scope of our "trial courses". Information evenings and study information days help you to decide in favour of one of Germany's best private business studies universities.


Study Advisor
Juliane Harnoth MAG. A.

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