Cologne Business School

Cologne Business School (CBS) is an internationally orientated, state-recognised university of applied sciences and counts as one of Germany's top Business Schools. The Cologne Business School provides the best quality available. In addition to being officially recognized by the responsible state ministry as well as being an accredited institution by the "Wissenschaftsrat" (German Science and Humanities Council), the CBS study programs are also checked regularly by the tri-national accreditation agency, FIBAA (Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation) as regards content, topicality and academic feasibility. On behalf of the "Akkreditierungssrates der Bundesrepublik" (German Accreditation Council), the FIBAA examines all degree programs, thus ensuring quality in higher education.

Cologne Business School's mission statement is to design the study organisation and contents of the degree courses in accordance with the students' employability. International lecturers and rigid organisation enable efficient, forwardlooking studying. Small study groups and intense student support by the professors are the hallmark of the learning atmosphere at CBS. A network of partner universities in several countries and intense contacts to the economy already provide the opportunity of gaining international study and work experience during studies. This helps you to lay a solid foundation for a successful career, providing you with the ideal prerequisites for rapid access to interesting companies.

As well as communicating application-related knowledge, we therefore support your professional and social skills to the same extent as your societal and cultural sensitivity and your courage to provide fact-based, well substantiated opinions. You learn to process all personal, business and societal tasks creatively, independently and successfully, using the analytical competence you have gained. You acquire the important capabilities and knowledge which shape your professional career in management and are capable of handling it efficiently and therefore successfully and responsibly.

Students can achieve the internationally recognised Bachelor of Arts respectively Master of Arts. Latter also qualifies for a doctorate.

In addition to management courses and the classic business administration subjects, CBS also offers the best possible transfer of practical experience by way of business simulations and practical projects. In addition, possible overseas stays, courses in personal skills and presentation techniques round off your qualification profile and prepare you competently for the requirements of internationally based companies.

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