Master of Arts in General Management

Recognising globalisation

The knowledge acquired during your first degree course in classical economics areas and functions is applied to the international context of multinational companies. The further-reaching modules incorporate follow-up questions in each semester regarding the management and the business management in the foreground. In particular, you will broaden your knowledge of regional, cultural and historical determinants that influence the actions of international companies. To give your studies a more personal touch and maybe set the tracks for your future career you can specialise in one of four management core subjects. Chose one of the following four specialisations:

Multinational companies as a benchmark

To be able to start a successful career in a multinational company one needs more than just theoretical knowledge. Excellent foreign language skills, relevant practical experience and distinctive personal and intercultural competences make the ideal applicant for the competitive international job market. The master degree in General Management takes into account all these findings. Personal skills courses such as team- and self-management, international project management as well as creative thinking and writing help the further formation of your capabilities and skills and enable you a successful career entry.

International practical relevance

During an eight-week internship, you will be able to put your theoretical knowledge into practice. It is up to you where you want to complete the internship – at home or abroad. The fourth semester is reserved for the writing of your master thesis. During this period, you can also complete a facultative semester abroad. Also you could write your thesis in cooperation with a company.

Competent consultancy

Curious about the Master of Arts? Why not make an appointment for non-binding course guidance services and clarify your questions regarding the study schedule, examinations, scholarships and financial aids. During the lecture period, you are also welcome to attend courses from all the degree subjects we offer and to gain your own personal impression within the scope of our "trial courses". Information evenings and study information days help you to decide in favour of one of Germany's best private business studies universities.


Study Advisor
Juliane Harnoth MAG. A.

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